Engineering Entrepreneurs – Turning Ideas Into Wealth – Seminar, Nov. 9

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Featured Topics Session 1: Turning Ideas into Wealth: Idea Creation, Technology Assessment, Product Assessment, Market Assessment, Product Development, Commercialization Strategies. Session 2: Tips & techniques for effective presentation & communication skills - The experts also focused on relaying key compelling statements. Tell the plan for a great idea in a short amount of time. Round [...]

Super Bowl Touchdown Tour, Nov. 5th at Agnes Moffitt Park

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Super Bowl LI is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You Join in the Excitement with the Touchdown Tour! The event is FREE Food and beverages are available for purchase The Touchdown Tour is the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee's traveling celebration of football. It will travel all over Houston throughout the fall, raising awareness and [...]

ARC Specialties: An American Manufacturing Success Story

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In early October, the Spring Branch-based manufacturing and robotics company ARC Specialties made news for donating a $150,000 Kuka welding robot to the Texas State Technical College in Waco. It was just the latest act of generosity from the 33-year-old business, which has also donated equipment to LeTourneau University and Texas A&M. Dan Allford, who [...]

My Spring Branch: Amitha Verma, Owner of Village Antiques

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Amitha Verma, owner of Village Antiques Amitha Verma is an interior designer, and the owner of Village Antiques. Why did you decide to open Village Antiques? We opened about four and a half years ago. I had an interior design background, and I worked on a lot of custom houses. It was great. [...]

From Freelancing to Starting Your Own Business in Media Arts and Technology Seminar

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October 26, 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm - HCC Alief Hayes, Auditorium Featured Topics: Are you interested in freelancing in graphic design, web design, filmmaking, audio recording, animation, music business, or multi-media? Many jobs and small businesses are born out of freelancing and subcontracting in today’s 21st century economy. Come find out how to freelance like a professional, [...]

Real Estate in 2016 – Seminar – HCC Spring Branch

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September 30, 10:30am-1:30pm, Commons Are you considering investing in residential or commercial real estate or do you want to learn more about entering into the real estate profession? Come get an overview from an expert entrepreneur who invests in real estate. Some will come to explore possibilities and some to brush up skills, check-in and get current. [...]