Meet Josef Klam, Spring Branch ISD’s Newest Trustee

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Rev. Josef Klam In June, Spring Branch ISD trustee Wayne Schaper, Sr. stepped down after 14 years on the board and 55 years of service to the school district. To fill Schaper’s seat until the next election, the board considered dozens of replacements. They ultimately unanimously selected Reverend Joseph Klam, the directing pastor [...]

Spring Branch District Celebrates 10th Anniversary With “State of the District” Luncheon

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When Patricia Maddox first moved to Houston about 40 years ago, Spring Branch was one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city, thanks in part to its excellent public schools. “I remember when I moved here from Dallas that Spring Branch was the place that everybody wanted to be,” she remembered. That slowly started to [...]

How Becker’s Books Survives in the Amazon.com Era

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In 1995, Dan Becker heard about a new company based in Seattle that intended to sell books online and ship them to customers around the world. At first blush, the idea seemed ridiculous. “With my normal prescience, I said, this will never work,” Becker remembered with a laugh. “Why would anyone buy books by mail?” [...]

Valley Oaks Elementary School Spark Park Dedication

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The Spring Branch Management District is proud to support SPARK Park and Spring Branch ISD by donating to the creation of a new SPARK Park at Valley Oaks Elementary School, located at 8390 Westview Dr, Houston, TX 77055.   SPARK Park has worked with 18 schools in Spring Branch ISD to create parks on school property that are [...]

A Message From the Board Chair

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Pat Maddox, SBMD Board Chair Hello and welcome to summer in the Spring Branch Management District. Midway through the calendar year, it seems like a good point to stop and assess the improvements we've made to our community. The most recently completed work is the reconstruction of parts of Long Point Road which [...]