7 Projects to Follow

Thanks to all who attend our community engagement meeting on March 4. We talked a lot about the interactive map that will let you provide additional information on how the proposed Spring Branch Trail. We want your feedback about desired destinations, barriers, and possible routes to consider for improved walking and biking to, from, and along this trail corridor.

Interactive Map

Spring Branch Trail Study 2020

  • This is a multi-year, regional trail project whose objective is to construct a concrete trail connection between the existing Addicks Reservoir Bike Trail to the west and the White Oak Bayou Greenway to the east.
  • The project uses an existing CenterPoint easement as its primary alignment.
  • The trail connection in Spring Branch alone is more than 7-miles in length.
  • Numerous schools, parks and neighborhoods will have direct, convenient access to the Spring Branch Trail.
  • The project will also develop strategic, multi-modal connections to the wider Spring Branch community, and consider the Houston Bike Plan.
  • This is the first phase of implementing the Spring Branch Trail project.
  • Extents of the project are from Blalock Road to just west of Wirt Road.
  • The project will provide a 10’ concrete trail with safe street crossings and convenient neighborhood connections.
  • Schools that will have convenient trail access include Buffalo Creek Elementary, Edgewood Elementary and Landrum Middle School.
  • The project will start construction in late 2019/early 2020.

Spring Branch Trail Phase 1

  • This project is segment 5 of the overall Spring Branch Trail project.
  • Extents of the project are from Blalock to Wirt Road.
  • The project will provide a 10’ concrete trail with safe street crossings and convenient neighborhood connections.
  • Schools that will have convenient trail access include Buffalo Creek Elementary, Edgewood Elementary and Landrum Middle School.
  • The project will start construction in early 2020.
Phase 1 Now Open

Long Point Road Mobility and Landscape Pilot

  • This project will test the concept of converting Long Point’s existing four thru-lanes (two in each direction) to three lanes (one in each direction, with a continuous center left-turn lane).
  • The extents of the project are:
    a) from Conrad Sauer Drive to Blalock Road, and
    b) from Pech Road to Hempstead Highway.
  • The project will assess the benefits of the new street reconfiguration to provide safer vehicular access and a more robust and safer location for pedestrians along the corridor.
  • The pilot will include new pavement markings, signage and other traffic devices.
  • Incidental pavement repair will also be done during the pilot project.
  • Duration of the project is expected to be 9 to 12 months, with installation starting in second half of 2019.
  • Special landscape installations will feature how best to utilize additional space for sidewalks and other pedestrian amenities allowed by the reduction of one traffic lane.
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Long Point Road Art Program

  • This project will bring “Art to Long Point”.
  • There will be several sculptures temporarily installed on Long Point on both public and private property.
  • Each art piece will be specially curated for this project and be the creation of a local artist.
  • All art pieces will be for sale, with part of the sales proceeds used to fund the ongoing art program on Long Point.
  • Duration of the project’s first phase is 9 months, with installation expected to start in mid-2019; new sculptures will then be installed for a new 9-month program.
  • Extents of the project are approximately Gessner Road to Hempstead Highway.
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Gessner Road Drainage and Beautification Improvements

  • Two projects on Gessner will add significant improvements to this major thoroughfare, including drainage and beautification.
  • The first project will be to landscape and beautify the medians between Long Point and Kempwood.
  • The project will start in early 2019 and be completed by mid-2019.
  • The second project is a drainage and beautification project from I-10 to Long Point.
  • This project will be a complete street reconstruction and provide storm water storage capacity under the roadway, and add special lighting and landscaping.
  • This second project will start construction in late 2019/early 2020 and take under 24 months to complete.

Gessner Esplanade Project - Update May 2019

Gessner Trees FAQs

Years ago, the Memorial Management District (MMD) selected Bald Cypress as the “Gessner Street Tree”; Bald Cypress were installed from Barryknoll to I-10 south; and more recently are being installed to W-140 / Briar Branch (north of I-10); Bald Cypress was selected by the Spring Branch Management District (SBMD) for Gessner from Briar Branch to Nuens, for proposed / current construction in order to achieve a consistent street tree on Gessner that matches what has already been planted.

Depending on the location (see #2 above), either MMD or SBMD.

Maintenance such as the situations mentioned in the question are part of the maintenance program being handled by the respective management district. These trees were planted to comply with the City of Houston’s planting of street trees in public street replacement projects such as Gessner and these trees were planted in accordance with applicable city ordinances.

Will they eventually destroy our water and drainage infrastructure? Bald Cypress are among the best “approved street tree” (by the City of Houston) in terms of NOT lifting sidewalk pavement and curbs and not impacting other infrastructure.

Cypress trees planted years ago on Gessner south of I-10 are under power lines (west side of street) and are beautiful and doing quite well; these are all maintained by MMD.

Trees are all planted in compliance will the City of Houston design standards relative to line of sight and infrastructure location.

Are they expected to be a major source of shade? In some locations on Gessner it is possible that the trees will form a “shaded canopy”; however, because of the wide, 3-lane width of Gessner and planting area limitations, these instances will be the exception and not the rule.

For the next 2 years, the construction contractor will be required to replace any damaged tree. After the two years, the respective management district maintaining the trees will replant as necessary.

Haden Park Improvements

  • Preliminary design has been completed for this existing 13-acre park located at the northeast corner of Long Point and Witte Road.
  • The project will provide major improvements, especially to the undeveloped southern portion of the park along Long Point.
  • This portion of the park is proposed as a “community” park. Portions of this area may be included in the first phase of the improvements.
  • It will include a small and large dog park, event lawn and stage, off-street parking, restrooms, a community garden, tennis courts and other amenities.
  • Fundraising for Phase 1 will start in mid-2019.

I-10 Corridor Planning (TxDOT Health in Transportation)

  • TxDOT Houston District is leading this project to incorporate strategies in Corridor Planning that enhance health and safety for Active Transportation.
  • The focus is on pedestrians, cyclists and transit patrons.
  • The needs and priorities of seniors as well as safe routes for children will have special consideration.
  • Project duration is 2019 – 2020.
  • This planning effort will incorporate health in short, medium and long range Active Transportation recommendations.