By J.D. Herman

What if I told you that three of the best restaurants in the Spring Branch Management District actually share the same parking lot? Believe it or not, it’s absolutely true. At the crossroads of Long Point and Witte you will find an intersection of flavors that is sure to please. Whether you’re craving traditional Korean, some fusion chicken, or Latin-inspired seafood, you’ll find satisfying options for even the most diverse range of tastes.

Von’s Chicken: 10020 Long Point Rd

Von’s Chicken, an international franchise that recently opened in Hustletown, offers chicken wings and drums – steamed in a special oven or fried – then tossed in a variety of different flavors: soy, original fried, spicy, or sweet garlic. The steamed wings are a healthy alternative and just as tasty as the fried. Can’t decide which one to order? Try all of them during their special 20% discount that runs Sunday through Wednesday.

Von’s also has a good selection of domestic and foreign beers, but be adventurous and try the soju, a Korean distilled beverage. It’s a nice alternative, especially during the 50% off happy hour (Thursday to Saturday, 3pm-8pm). Great food and a great spot to watch a Rockets or an Astros game!

Korean Noodle House: 10016 Long Point Rd

This traditional style noodle house will transport you to South Korea, complete with a village wall and Korean pop dance music. The veggie or seafood pancake is a great starter, especially for a large party. Then move down the menu for the standard variety of noodle and dumpling soups, along with a well-balanced dishes like kimchi fried rice, and chicken or bulgogi over rice. For the less adventurous in your group, they have beef stew and spaghetti options as well. Everything can be enhanced by adding the complimentary fresh kimchi which you serve yourself from a communal pot provided to each table.

Definitely try one of their Korean beverages, ranging from hot barley tea, beer, soju, and makkuli – a milky and slightly sweet, yet tangy, fermented rice drink. Make sure to get a loyalty card good for an order of steamed dumplings with your tenth visit!

Mambo Seafood: 10002 Long Point Drive

Mambo Seafood opened its doors in the Southwest in the mid 1990’s with a traditional and innovative menu of varied seafood dishes honoring the best elements of American, Latin and Pacific seafood cuisines.

Customer favorites include the Mambo Rice, Mambo Cheleda, whole fried fish platter, and oysters on the half-shell. Go for a platter which comes with two sides – a difficult decision, given the choices – french fries, Mambo Rice, salad or grilled vegetables. The Mambo Rice (think Pacific inspired shrimp fried rice) is a no-brainer, and the grilled vegetables includes an ear of street-style elote. You can also get the corn dish as a 2-pc starter for $2.99. So good!

Our lovely Mambonfica® helped us through the variety of menu items, ensuring we understood spice levels and suggested the non-alcoholic Mangolava, a frozen mango drink sprinkled with chile powder. It’s a lovely sweet complement with a bit of kick. Look for seasonal specials like Mambo-style crawfish and the refreshing Pepinada cucumber drink served over crushed ice.

Spring Branch has some serious culinary bonafides and the Spring Branch Management District is confident that you can make an amazing night out with family or friends at any of these three great restaurants.