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Announcing MWSBE and DBE Pre-Certification Workshops for the Surface Water Supply Project

Please join the West Harris County Regional Water Authority for City of Houston MWSBE and DBE Pre-Certification Workshops for the Surface Water Supply Project You are invited to participate in workshops held by the West Harris County Regional Water Authority to encourage local MWSBE and DBE participation in the upcoming Surface Water Supply Project. Please [...]

Urgent Airbag Safety Recall

The airbag in your vehicle may have a deadly defect. Instead or protecting you, these defective airbags explode like grenades, spraying metal shrapnel inside the passenger compartment. Eleven people have died, including two right here in Houston. More than 180 people have been severely injured. The good news is, the repair is absolutely free. A [...]

District sponsored 2017 West Houston Economic Development Summit

The Spring Branch District was once again a sponsor of the 2017 West Houston Economic Development Summit. The summit, which took place on Friday, February 10 had over 400 guests. Spring Branch board members Victor Alvarez, David Schwab, Rino Cassinelli and Dan Silvestri, along with staff and guests were in attendance. The focus of the [...]

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Capital Improvement Plan Community Meeting, Feb. 15

Citizens are encouraged to attend meetings in their Council districts, learn about projects and plans, voice questions and community concerns The City of Houston invites residents to participate in the annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) process at public meetings. The meetings afford residents an opportunity to hear from city officials about CIP projects in their [...]

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Join us for TECH CONNECT 2017 A free networking evening featuring Houston's entrepreneurial and tech-related organizations. Come meet Houston's amazing start-up groups, discover how your entrepreneurial dreams can become realities, and share a toast with fellow entrepreneurs. February 16, 2017 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 1911 Bagby Street Houston, Texas 77002 across from the Houston [...]

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Income Tax Myths and Facts – Small Business Owners’ Responsibilities

Friday, February 10, 2017, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, HCC Spring Branch, Commons Many individuals and small business owners are unaware of their tax responsibilities. This workshop clarifies common misconceptions on these topics: Overview– Business Tax Structure. Calculating Taxes – different types; and who should pay them. Consequences of failing to file and pay taxes. Federal Business [...]

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