Few events are as colorful, energetic, fun and full of laughter as a child’s birthday party, as Michelle Py, mother of two, knows well. And while there are plenty of places for parents of school-age children to host parties–pizza restaurants, swimming pools, or public parks–Michelle said she noticed there were limited places to celebrate the birthdays of smaller children.

That’s why she opened Happy Playland at 9801 Long Point in October of 2012. The playground and party room facilities are all together, which is a real advantage over other party facilities that offer cramped rooms with seating only for the children, she said.

The “very cool” mock pirate ship provides the foundation for a pirate-themed party, Py said, but Happy Playland can customize a party for almost any theme.


“For the little girls, everyone is going crazy about the movie, ‘Frozen,’ because little girls want to be just like the main character, Elsa,” she said, but added that pink princess parties are always a popular theme. Superheroes, especially Spiderman, are a common request for boys, but Ninja Turtles seem to be making a comeback, she added.

Parties at Happy Playland are flexible: parents can rent just the space to have a “do-it-yourself” event or they can rely on the staff to create a special occasion with all the trimmings–decorations, hats, favors, plates and plasticware.

“We can take care of everything,” Py said. Rate information is available at the website, happy-playland.com.

Py, who always wanted to run her own business, said she always thought it would be a retail shop or something similar, but fond memories of attending lots of parties when she was a child made her nostalgic and she wanted to share that experience with children.  Her own children, now five and eight years old, still love to come to Happy Playland with her.

While parties are only available on Fridays after 4 p.m., weekends and holidays, Happy Playland is also open Tuesday through Thursday for mothers who just want a safe place to bring their little ones and a quiet atmosphere where they can have conversations with other mothers. Py said there have been increasing inquiries about opening on Mondays, so hours may be extended this summer.

Happy Playland even has WiFi so working moms can connect with the office, too. Mothers still need to keep an eye on their little ones while they’re playing, but there’s almost no place they can hide or get hurt, Py said.

“We really took very good care to build the place as safely as we could,” she said.