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Spring Branch Management District Innovates Law Enforcement In Community

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Houston is increasingly recognized as one of America’s truly great cities. There are multiple reasons that it has been extraordinarily successful in its journey to become what Business Insider called “The Best City In America.” Its reputation as a world class city is well known and well deserved. The oil and gas industry, cultural diversity, [...]

Upcoming HPD Northwest PIP Meetings

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April 17, 2018 - 7:00pm “TABC”- Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Come and see what the State is doing in your neighborhood regarding the regulating, inspecting, and taxing the production, sale, and use of alcoholic beverages. Especially when it comes to “those” after hour clubs and cantinas, TABC is working on the issues. Juvenile sales and [...]

Upcoming HPD Northwest PIP Meetings

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Mark your calendars! Here are the next HPD Northwest PIP meetings! March 20, 2018 - 7:00pm “HOMELESS OUTREACH TEAM” With all the media hype concerning vagrancy and homeless camps, we’ve invited the experts to come and speak to us on what we can do as a community and a police department when faced with these [...]

Jacquelyn Place, Johanna Court, and The Amelia complexes in Spring Branch – all Blue Star Certified

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Congratulations again to Mr. Ramon Nunez, the manager of Jacquelyn Place, Johanna Court, and The Amelia complexes in Spring Branch – all Blue Star Certified! Read about it here.

HPD PIP Meeting for January: Welcome 2018!

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Welcome 2018! New Years Test— Is it legal to talk on your cell phone on your hands free device while driving through a school zone? Does everyone in my car need to have their seatbelt on ? or just the passengers in the front seat? When is it legal for a juvenile to sit in [...]