Join us at the table; a circle of concern

Our focus is to prevent Underage Drinking, Marijuana and Prescription Drug use and abuse in Spring Branch, and the communities at large. The target age group will be to adolescents through 25 years old

We are looking for Coalition Members from the following community sectors such as, youth, young adults, parents, business communities, media, schools and organizations that serve youth or youth adults, law enforcement agencies and faith-based organizations. The members will be:
• Leaders
• Self-motivated
• Passionate about making a difference
• Willing and able to commit time and energy to the coalition

Coalition members will:
• Participate in Coalition monthly meetings via phone conference or in person
• Give input on the coalition efforts and reduce alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs in the lives of youth
• Selected coalition members will be afforded the opportunity to attend the Behavioral Health Institute in Austin, TX, 2016

Rx Danger Zones: The Search Starts At Home
Safeguard your home from the dangers of teen drug abuse. Stay alert to the everyday prescription and over-the-counter drugs and household items that can be used to get high,

Please Join us at The “Table of Concern”
Every third Wednesday of the month @ 11:30 a.m.
SOSA Center 1414 Wirt Rd Houston TX. 77055

Phoenix House –Houston
Vernitta Lenor Coalition Coordinator
501 Garden Oaks Blvd. Houston, TX. 77018
Ph.: 713) 426-2637 X 4516 Fax 713-862-1849

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