On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Spring Branch Management District we join with other city and county government agencies in asking residents and businesses to take all appropriate precautions to help contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through the Houston area.

The proclamation signed by Mayor Sylvester Turner on March 12, declaring a Local State of Disaster due to a Public Health Emergency, was implemented out of an abundance of caution. Although it has already had a significant economic impact, it was the right action to take in order to keep us safe. Government agencies and health care providers have been preparing since January to respond to positive cases, and the proclamation gives these organizations greater authority to deal with the threats as they develop.

We are living in uncertain times and we know this can cause some anxiety and worry as we grapple with how the coming days and weeks will play out. As your partner, we want to ensure your safety and wellbeing are our top priority.

Currently we have cancelled all District meetings and events in March and will be evaluating April meetings and events and will reach out to you as decisions are made. As always, you can refer to our website, www.SBMD.org, for updates and information as well. We are also considering the possibility of hosting virtual meetings, and more information will be forthcoming as we research our options.

This COVID-19 e-news was created to help you find needed resources and information to help everyone through these trying times.

Pat Maddox, Chairwoman
Spring Branch District

Spring Branch Restaurants and Bars Shift Business Practices Amidst Pandemic

The owner of The Branch in the Spring Branch District summed it up best: “Life turns on a dime, Branchachos.”

Just last week, on March 9, Kyle Pierson announced he was closing his establishment at 7710 Long Point Road every Monday to bring a group to Houston’s Chinatown for dinner as a show of support for restaurants there who were the first to suffer from lack of business due to the spread of the Coronavirus, which has now become a pandemic.

By this past Monday, March 16, Pierson was revising the plan to go on his own, as by then organizing a group wasn’t prudent anymore, and encouraging others to also go out on their own to support local businesses impacted by the virus.

“I kept it local and went to Pho Luc Lac (9457 Kempwood Dr.) for lunch. I was the only one there. Left a fat tip,” Pierson posted on social media…

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Employment News

If you are looking for work at this time, there are businesses that are hiring for delivery services, restocking shelves and general support needed. Please see the links below for available positions.

Companies Hiring

Family News

What to Do With Kids At Home on Coronavirus Break for Who Knows How Long (Without Losing It)

Great Ideas like Limit the News, Loosen Screen Time rules, Maintain schedules, and more.

Common Sense Media has lots of resources including 25 best podcasts for kids and the 10 Must-Listen Podcasts for Tweens and Teens.

Grab the Art Supplies, Try Cooking a New Recipe, Family Board Game Competitions, Let the Kids Put on a Show

There are other great ideas like creating a movie with their iMovie app, stocking up on ingredients to let kids cook and bake, listening to audio books, and having sports competitions with siblings only.

Take a virtual field trip! From the Louvre in Paris to our very own Houston Zoo.

20 Virtual Field Trips you can take with Your Kids


The Houston Zoo goes live every day at 11 a.m. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to give daily updates of what the animals are up to while the zoo is shut down.

Here are some resources that will help you and your kids make the most of their time away from class.

Houston Chronicle: How to keep kids learning at home

Children’s Museum Houston is sharing experiments, activities and inside looks at their exhibits through its daily virtual learning broadcast schedule and has a large database of other online activities at facebookYouTube, and instagram

Space Foundation is offering free downloadable STEM lesson plans for students in grades K-8 to help keep kids engaged during the gap in traditional class time.

Frontiers for Young Minds has a free collection of science-related material.

DK find out! has free lesson plan ideas for teachers and resources for parents, as well as videos and interactive modules on a variety of subjects.

Epic! has thousands of books and videos online for kids. There’s a 30 day free trial to set up an account.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that has exercises, quizzes, and videos to help students.

Bill Nye The Science Guy the well-known science communicator has a long list of life science, physical science, and planetary science lessons.

Brainpop offers free access for students whose school is closed due to COVID-19.
The site even has a free learning module for young people on coronavirus.

National Geographic Kids  learn everything from outer space to women heroes and homework help.

Raz-Kids is designed for students from K-5th and has a free trial.

Medical News

COVID-19 How to recognize symptoms, and what to do

Coronavirus — Separating Facts and Fictions 

Get Physical – For Free

There are child-friendly yoga poses and workouts on this YouTube kid’s app.

YMCA of Greater Houston has closed all locations but is offering virtual workouts

See What Others are Doing

Homebound adults are posting mini-manifestos on Facebook, while restless kids flock to multiplayer online games like Fortnite. Or see what’s happening in China, where would-be partyers have invented “cloud clubbing,” a new kind of virtual party in which D.J.s perform live sets on apps like TikTok and Douyin while audience members react in real time on their phones. Or observe how we’re coping in the United States, where groups are experimenting with new kinds of socially distanced gatherings: virtual yoga classes, virtual church services, virtual dinner parties. Excerpts by Kevin Roose for the New York Times

And Above All – Mind Your Mental Health

5 tips to mind your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown

10 apps to help manage coronavirus-related stress

100 things to do while stuck inside due to a pandemic

Some of our favorites from productive to downright silly fun include:

  • Serenade your neighbors: Dust off that old instrument and give a live concert.
  • Learn something! Use Duolingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language or learn a new hobby like photography or watercolor.
  • Put on a soap opera, old movie, or foreign film. Mute the sound. Create your own dialogue.