By Christina Autry

Credit Aaron James Najera

What started as a cost-saving, DIY project for her wedding developed into a small business that Kyra Berkman is passionate about. “Designing the flowers for my wedding this year helped me realize how much I love creating floral arrangements,” Kyra says. This newfound talent, and the encouragement of friends, family, and coworkers inspired Kyra to found Honey Bee Flower Co.

With just eight months of business-owning behind her, Kyra currently operates Honey Bee Flower Co. out of a coworking space in Spring Branch. Although she hopes in the near future to acquire a more spacious facility to accommodate larger orders, Spring Branch is at the top of her list of places to grow her business. “There is great opportunity cost-wise for space in Spring Branch, and it is very conveniently located for access to different parts of Houston,” she says.

Working half the day as a manager at an athletic apparel store nearby, Kyra spends her free time running her floral business. A typical day for Kyra involves purchasing fresh flowers from a wholesaler, transporting the flowers, assembling bouquets at her office space, and delivering the flowers to clients, all before going to work at her retail job.

Credit Aaron James Najera

“I’m motivated by the idea that it’s not a punishment to work while you’re pursuing your dreams. It has never felt hard for me to work a full-time job while I pursue what I love. I never get tired of it,” says Kyra.

Kyra was born with a creative bug, and has been designing products all her life. This intuition allowed her to quickly pick up on the techniques and methods for creating aesthetic floral arrangements. Without formal training or experience in a flower shop prior to Honey Bee Flower Co., Kyra has trained herself through trial and error, thanks to her bold willingness to take risks. “I watched tutorial videos and did a lot of research,” says Kyra. “What I’ve learned is that beautiful arrangements take time. Anyone can throw flowers into a vase, but it takes a creative eye to make something special.”

Kyra specializes in custom designs, rather than pre-made or pre-designed bouquets. Customers simply contact her through her website or social media, and discuss what they envision for their special occasion, and what their budget is. “I put a lot of effort into each and every piece. I try to be very detailed and specific to what clients want and love,” she says.

After acquiring her specific flowers for the day, and carefully piecing together each arrangement, “I always deliver the same day, or the day after I purchase the flowers, to ensure freshness,” she adds. If Kyra has leftover flowers, instead of letting the flowers go to waste, she will have a “flash sale” with free delivery included – a great way for customers to surprise someone with the gift of flowers.

Credit Aaron James Najera

Kyra’s own home is never without greenery, whether it’s her wedding flower, the Anemone, Dahlias, or the Eucalyptus shower bundle. “I’ve always loved plants. It feels very comforting to have them in your home. It changes your mood. I want to give that feeling to other people with the aesthetics of these arrangements,” she explains.

As Kyra’s business continues to blossom, she is motivated by other women-owned floral businesses in Houston. “All of our styles are different, and we offer different things. But I look to them because it’s cool to see other women doing this successfully.”

With a new location on the table and major growth of her business imminent in 2020, Kyra continues to put aside fear of risk, and take the next step forward. “A friend once asked me, ‘how much do you spend on a college education? If you’re willing to invest that much for a degree, why not invest in building your own business?’ That really shifted my perspective, and reduced my hesitation to go forward with Honey Bee Flowers,” says Kyra.

Compared with options to buy flowers from larger companies and online stores, Honey Bee Flower Co. reminds us of the individuals and dreams we support when shopping at small, local businesses. “We care about our customers, and we want to build connections and relationships within our communities. Buying from small businesses directly supports our families, and it makes a difference in our neighborhoods,” says Kyra.

Credit Aaron James Najera

As the Christmas countdown continues, what better way to add some holiday cheer to your home than with festive flower arrangements? Contact Kyra year-round, and allow her expertise and creativity to add the perfect touch to your next event, or a mood-lifting burst of color to your home.
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