The smell of fresh pies in the oven and the clamor of a busy kitchen grabs you and invites you in. DaddyO’s Pizza feels like you are walking into a New York pizzeria, like you’re one of the family. Tucked into a Spring Branch Management District shopping strip on Gessner near Kempwood, DaddyO’s brings the spirit of its rambunctious northern cousin and matches it with true southern hospitality. A BYOB affair, we came prepared with a bottle of nice red wine. Sadly, we had a small battle with gravity, ending with an entire glass of wine spilled on the floor shortly after arriving. The cleanup was led by Karla who, even though she was busy taking orders and helping cook, came over to manage our mess and reassured our red faces with her smile and positive attitude. We cannot say enough about the excellent customer service at DaddyO’s.

The menu pays homage to NYC with pie names like Manhattan, Queen’s Lover and Little Italy–with Hawaii and Philly also randomly thrown in! The latter being premium sliced sirloin steak, spread with garlic butter. We ordered the 5th Avenue and the Lucky 7, each 10” ($12.99).

Our first bite was from the 5th Avenue. Minds blown. Fresh basil, tomatoes, spinach, roasted chicken, feta and mozzarella cheese and an exceptional housemade sauce with roasted garlic make for a truly gourmet experience.

The Lucky 7 is a meat lovers paradise (Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage) with a touch of veggies via mushrooms, green peppers, onions and black olives so you can feel better about the piled high cheese and impending meat sweats. The pizza sauce again brings it all together with its deliciously original flavors. Tangy and not overly sweet, it is one of the best in Houston hands down. Ordering the individual size pizzas probably saved us from ourselves, as we definitely would have eaten more only to regret our full bellies later. Next visit, I might order a medium ($14.99) or larger and take home leftovers for breakfast. After all, like their sign says: “Any size pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself!”

Homesick Yankees can feed their blues by ordering the Bronx Bomber. Similar to the Lucky 7, sans bacon, this pie is packed with Pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, fresh garlic, whole milk mozzarella and the house pizza sauce. What makes it a homerun though are the jalapenos.

All pies come with an expertly fired crisp crust. Unlike the super-thin style typical in New York, this crust has just enough volume to support all its toppings with a satisfying bit of crunch accompanying every bite. Gluten-free crusts for an additional $4.50. Hot and cold subs, as well as calzones, are priced right for the lunch crowd, ranging from $6.99-8.99. If you are not into carbo-loading, no worries. The DaddyO’s menu includes salads (Greek, Caesar, House). For those looking for a full meal traditional pastas are offered too. A family of four could easily get away with dinner for under $40 bucks, but make sure to save room for dessert! Chocolate chip cookies, baklava, fudge cake and, of course, NY-style cheesecake will end your meal on a sweet note.

DaddyO’s is a shining example of culinary expertise in the heart of our unique neighborhood. Combined with the great pies and the excellent family recipes DaddyO’s is a must try spot on your pizza itinerary in the Spring Branch Management District. It is some of the best pie in all of Houston!

DaddyO’s does walk-in, carry out, or delivery!

2645 Gessner Drive
Houston, TX 77080

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