COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Houston is beginning to administer its limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines to those who fall under 1A or 1B according to the guidelines by the State of Texas.  Houston’s vaccine clinic’s appointments are booked for the rest of the month, but as the City receives more supplies, more appointments will open up.

How can I find out when more appointments open up?
  • Sign up for CitizensNet emails. Make sure that you select “Health” as one of the emails you would like to receive.
  • Follow the Health Department on Twitter and Facebook.
    • If you follow on Twitter, make sure you click on the notification icon so that you can see the tweets immediately as more information is sent.
Are there other places I can get a vaccine?
Yes, but supplies are limited everywhere. Visit the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Location Map.  Make sure that you call ahead to see if the supply is available.  As vaccine availability increases in 2021 and more people become eligible, people will be able to get vaccinated at doctor’s offices, pharmacies, hospitals and other “usual” sites.

Do I have to get a second vaccine?
Yes! You have to get both vaccines.  If you received a COVID-19 vaccine from the Houston Health Department, we will call and text you to schedule your second dose in the appropriate timeframe. You do not need to schedule an appointment on your own.

How many vaccines did the City of Houston receive? 
As of the morning of January 4, the health department received a total of 10,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine. Of the allotment, the department administered 3,871 doses and transferred 1,900 doses to other providers.

Where can I get more information?
Visit for more information. Please contact your doctor with additional questions.

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