April 1, 2021

Neighborhood Patrol Program

In response to concerns about crime and other neighborhood issues, we are implementing a new program called the Neighborhood Patrol Program (NPP).  Each Council District is designated a small (compared to the overall budget) amount of tax dollars to address concerns in the district.  These funds are called Council District Service Funds (CDSF).  I already allocate a considerable amount of these dollars for overtime to the Houston Police Department (HPD) to combat crime and increase community relations.  These funds are used by HPD as issues arise.

The new NPP will direct extra funds on top of the overtime money to spend dedicated time patrolling neighborhoods that request this service.  Please keep in mind that funding is limited at this time, so officers will rotate neighborhoods as needed.  To make this request, please click here.

Recent Drainage Work Completed in District A 

The following Local Drainage Projects were recently completed in District A:

Clanton Street: Storm sewer outfall repair
Vogue Lane: Regrade existing ditches
Rigel Road Ditch: Install culverts and regrade ditch along the 2900 block of Rigel Road

Strategic Vehicle Replacement Program

I recently attended the roll out of the new Strategic Vehicle Replacement Program for HFD.  This is a result of my budget amendment and many years of hard work by HFD.  They are starting with 105 light-duty vehicles.  It will save $3 million over 2 years, and most importantly, they are safe vehicles and are not prone to breaking down as easily.  I hope that it can be expanded to more HFD vehicles and other departments.  I will continue to push for anything that increases safety while saving money!

Homeless Information

Before and after a recent clean up under a 290 overpass by HPD and Solid Waste.
In District A and throughout the City of Houston, we have seen a rise in the number of homeless individuals, tents, and other belongings on the streets and especially under overpasses.  I am very aware of the locations, and my office and I continue to notify HPD and other departments/groups.

This is quickly becoming a very difficult situation both for the individuals on the streets who need help and for those living and working around the homeless camps.  It is also a complicated issue involving the City, State, lawsuits, and other factors.

I will continue to fight to make sure that this issue gets resolved and that the homeless individuals are given the care they need to get off of the streets. I will also continue to work with HPD and the Solid Waste Department to make sure that we have consistent clean ups of these locations.

HPD North Division Explorers

Assistance From the Winter Storm

High Water Bills Due to Winter Storm

Starting March 15th, Houston Public Works Customer Account Services has taken proactive measures to minimize the potential financial impact for customers who may receive a high water bill due to the winter storm and who pay their water bill by credit card or direct debit; i.e., automatic payments.  Customer Account Services (CAS) has temporarily stopped the auto pay for accounts which may have a significant increase in their bill due to the winter storm compared to the previous month’s bill.
Temporarily ceasing auto pay will allow time for CAS to review the accounts for the Winter Storm Uri adjustment. If the account meets the criteria, the adjustment will be applied no later than the end of May 2021. For those accounts in which auto pay was suppressed and do not receive the storm adjustment, the amount owed in the following month should be nominal. If auto pay was continued and customer subsequently received an adjustment, there may be a credit on the account in the following month.
There is no action required by the customer as CAS will re-enable autopay on all accounts immediately following the review and/or application of the billing adjustment. Email notification of these actions was sent to customers whose auto pay is being suppressed and who have an address on file in the billing system.

Rent Relief

COVID-19 Testing

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