As the excitement of Halloween fades into the preparations for the holiday season, there is plenty going on around Spring Branch to get involved in. Take some time away from prepping extra bedrooms for family coming to town, and get out to these events in the district.

November 9th: Idea Spring: What Now? Hurricane Harvey–Phase 2

Join Spring Branch Presbyterian Church for their Idea Spring series talk with Heather Lamber, LPC. Lamber, founder of Clearhope Counseling Center, will discuss what Phase 2 of Houston’s recovery from Harvey will look like. She will delve into coping strategies for trauma, as well as how we can build resilient communities and continue to help those affected by the late-August storm.

Nov 11th: Spring Branch Education Foundation’s Ungala

The annual fundraiser for the Spring Branch Education Foundation is an Ungala, recognizing the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Spring Branch students, educators and their families. The event intends to toast the amazing care our community has shown their neighbors after the storm, and to raise money for scholarships and educational grants. The ungala, with its “snappy casual” laid back dress code, will feature Big Board board games, casino games, finger foods and dancing. You can get your tickets here.

Nov 14th: Know the 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month! Join the Alzheimer’s Association of Houston for this important educational event at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center to learn how you can spot warning signs of the disease.

Nov 27th: Superneighborhood North Meeting with Presentation on Long Point

The architects who are helping the Spring Branch Management District on the Reimagining Long Point project will be presenting the plan at the Spring Branch Superneighborhood North meeting on the 27th. This is just one opportunity for you to learn about the proposal, ask questions and provide feedback. We encourage anyone who is interested to attend this public meeting.


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