Council Member Stardig and the District A Team have been on the phones all day assisting with flooding issues, but we wanted to take a moment to provide some information for you:

  • If you have any structural flooding (flooding in your house), please call it in to 3-1-1. You will be issued a Service Request Number. Please then call the District A office at 832-393-3010 or email us at [email protected] with that number. It is important to contact 3-1-1 because the City uses this information for the evaluation for future projects.
  • Do not drive on the streets unless it is an emergency. Not only are you putting your safety at risk, driving down a flooded street could push water into people’s homes.
  • Streets in Houston are designed to hold water during major rain events like this. The water should drain once the rain subsides. If you think that the water is not draining properly, please call it in to 3-1-1, and then contact the District A office with the Service Request Number. There could be a blockage.
  • Once the rain subsides, please check your inlets and ditches to see if there is any debris that you can safely remove before the rain begins again.
  • Please help us by checking in on the seniors and those in your neighborhood who live alone and may need additional assistance.

As a reminder, we were not able to have the Public Safety Town Hall & Community BBQ tonight. We wanted to recognize the Public Safety Stars and first responders, but we want to make sure that everyone remains safe! We are solely focused on this extreme rain event at this time.

The District A Team continues to be available to assist. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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