It’s a new year, and it’s time to start fresh and learn and try new things! We hope you can find something here to spark your interest or fit with your resolutions as we enjoy this first month of 2018.

January 8th: Taking Your Business Online

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a business, or just expanding your existing one. An online marketing strategy will be key to either effort, and this seminar from HCC Bizconnect is a perfect way to start thinking digital. With sections devoted to helping you understand online channels, what effective content looks like, and how to get started with video, this workshop has something for all levels of understanding.

January 10th: Intro to Rapier

If you’ve been looking into getting more active, or maybe even just learning a new skill, Sword to Sword’s Intro to Rapier will be an interesting start. This beginner-level class will introduce you to Medieval sword-fighting technique with a rapier, as well as modern conditioning exercises to get you into shape. They say that the more interested you are in your training regimen, the more likely you are to stick with it; we think learning to sword fight might just fit the bill.

January 18th: Virtual Tour of the International Space Station

You may not be interested in growing a business or getting active for the new year, but perhaps you’re looking to learn something new. Spring Branch Presbyterian Church is hosting NASA Education Coordinator Matthew Wallace on January 18th for a special virtual reality tour of the international space station, and an overview of current NASA projects. This event is kid-friendly as well, so it’s a great opportunity to get the family together and learn some new things about space.

January 21st: Intuitive Eating for the Athlete Playshop

The majority of people making resolutions in the new year are looking to get healthy, and Yoga Athletex has a workshop this month devoted to helping you do just that. Lucia Hisse, RD, will go over the basics of intuitive eating for athletes, whether former, current or brand-new to fitness. Better than a workshop, this playshop will give you a chance to engage with your fellow attendees in the material in fun ways designed to keep you interested and inspired to keep your resolution for the months to come.