November 17, 2021

Homeless Camp Updates

One of the top reported concerns to my office is related to homeless camps, especially under the overpasses in District A. The pandemic only further complicated the issue, as nearly 15% of the homeless on our streets are there due to COVID, and social distancing requirements caused many shelter providers to stop taking new clients.  Like you, I am also concerned about this and have made it one of my top priorities.  I am pleased to announce that you will see big changes and a reduction of homeless individuals in District A.

This has been a very difficult problem to solve.  Besides numerous legal issues, funding was scarce to assist many individuals who needed significant assistance and/or housing options with supportive services.  While numerous clean ups were conducted at the camp sites, without alternative housing options, people stayed or returned to each location quickly afterwards.

Recently the City opened a temporary housing navigation center to meet the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness who are specifically living on the streets in our community. This temporary location provides comprehensive wrap-around services, onsite management, and security. Working with Harris County, the Coalition for the Homeless, and an array of other partners, the City started the process of decommissioning homeless camps by offering this temporary housing as a short transition period until they are moved into permanent housing.  Since housing is being offered and is available, once the camp is closed, no structures will be allowed to return to these locations.  This was done in a holistic way to help individuals experiencing homelessness and prevent merely sweeping people onto other intersections or even displacing them further into our neighborhoods.

Several sites have been decommissioned in District A. You may notice a few structures still at these locations, and that is being addressed by homeless outreach teams.  Also, HPD will continue to monitor these locations.

Homeless camps Decommissioned in District A:


  • Silber
  • Blalock


  • 34th Street
  • Bingle
  • Dacoma
  • Hollister
  • Mangum
  • Pinemont

If you see structures returning to any of these locations, please contact the district A office at or 832-393-3010.  Please keep in mind that this is a new program, and it might take a little bit of time to work out some issues going forward.

Special thanks to Mayor Turner, the Mayor’s Office for Homeless Initiatives and Marc Eichenbaum, the Coalition for Homeless, Harmony House, METRO, HPD, TxDOT, The Harris Center, and the Solid Waste Department.

Council Member Peck and Marc Eichenbaum with the Mayor’s Office for Homeless Initiatives talk more about this program