By Christina Autry

As Houston’s first and only all-green pest control company, Natran blazes a trail in the industry by keeping bayou city homes, apartments, and commercial spaces pest-free, without the use of harmful chemicals. Based out of the Spring Branch District, Natran rids customers of bug and rodent infestations across the greater Houston area.

“The EPA does not consider many of the products we use as chemicals because they’re made with food-grade quality ingredients,” says Micah Ward, Senior Sales and Account Manager. “We use lots of thyme, cinnamon, rosemary, peppermints, cloves, and more. We also use boric acid, a highly effective natural mineral for pest control that bugs don’t develop an immunity to.”

This natural approach began in 2006 when Houston resident Gordon Doran attempted to find a botanically-based company to service his own home. After an unfruitful search, Gordon decided to fill this gap in the market by starting his own company, Natran. Now, residents and businesses from Conroe to Lake Jackson, Brookshire to Baytown, and everywhere in between have the option to use safer products on their properties.

Typical pest control chemicals can be harmful for people with chemical sensitivities, children, the elderly, and household pets – not to mention the ecosystems that are disturbed around your home when the chemicals affect more than just your targeted pest. “Bees, butterflies, and dragonflies won’t be harmed with our products,” Micah reiterates. “There’s a benefit to knowing exactly what is being put around your home.”

Micah is the first person you’ll meet when signing up for a Natran consultation. You’ll set up an appointment for him to visit your home, inspect and locate the source of your pest control problem, and explain how Natran products work. “I love helping people by solving these issues, and educating them about how to protect their homes,” says Micah.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about pest control is the old school method of spraying the baseboards. That is not needed anymore, because base boards are sealed now,” explains Micah. This means that inspectors must be diligent in finding the root of the problem. “You have to be educated about bugs, how homes are designed, what causes bug activity in order to successfully inspect and propose a solution,” says Micah.

“Of the roughly 1,000 properties we serve every month, some of the most common calls we get are about roaches, fire ants, mosquitos, and rodent control,” says Micah. “If rats take up residence in your attic during the winter, we trap them, seal up the entryways, and disinfect the attic,” he explains. Natran’s QualityPro certified technicians apply treatment to a 20-foot radius around the last structure in your yard, such as a play structure or a shed, or until the edge of your property.

Sometimes a permanent solution requires home and businessowners to make changes such as clearing standing water near their home, and other modifications that will reduce pest activity. In those cases, Natran has connections with companies that they can recommend to complete these needed jobs. “We know drywood termite companies, landscapers, gutter repairs, and any kind of work you need done that will help solve your pest problem,” says Micah. This information will be given as part of the initial consultation to residents a holistic plan.

This Spring Branch company’s core values of “going the extra two miles,” and “interacting with transparency, integrity and discipline” are foundational to the service that they provide, and therefore Natran will give customers a 100% refund if they are not satisfied with the quality of service they receive.

Houstonians wanting to rid their homes or businesses of pests in an eco-conscious way can book Natran for a free initial consultation by filling out the short form on their website,, or calling (281) 326-9883. Luckily, Natran has found a way to keep your family protected from pests, while keeping the environment chemical-free.

Natran Green Pest Control

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