By Christina Autry

What is the Caffeinated Show?

Yaneth Martell and Kimberly Azpeitia, founders of the Caffeinated Show, have been helping Houstonians navigate the real estate market since Harvey hit our city in 2017. As real estate professionals in the Houston area with connections to all things home-related, Martell and Azpeitia were suddenly inundated with requests from homeowners needing resources to deal with Harvey-inflicted problems.

Ironically, neither of the co-hosts had any prior experience with media or journalism; Azpeitia specializes in home warranty, and Martell assists homebuyers with financing. Through practical necessity, they found that the best way to connect people with resource providers was through Facebook Live broadcasts.

Growing organically, the Caffeinated Show became what it is today: the first women-led real estate show in the Houston area. Martell and Azpeitia serve as a knowledge-base for homeowners and buyers, while also highlighting movers and shakers in the Houston community, such as recent guest Houston Fire Department Chief, Samuel Pena. The show discusses relevant current events, changes to the community, and the figures behind development, to bring awareness to homeowners.

But why “caffeinated”? Martell and Azpeitia have a passion for supporting local coffee shops, and sharing the best cups of coffee with the Houston community. The show’s broadcasts take place at coffee shops around the city that the hosts recommend checking out.

The Caffeinated Show airs weekly via Facebook Live, gaining anywhere between 1,500-4,000 views. Martell and Azpeitia respond to viewer questions through Facebook, including requests for shows that discuss specific topics.

Azpeitia says that viewers ask for information on everything from plumbing contractors and A/C to CPA’s focused on real estate, to title companies, land surveyors, and much more. “ People see us as connectors, and that’s truly who we are,” the two emphasized. “We have a passion for giving the community good, solid financial advice.”

The Caffeinated Show is now entering a phase where they are beginning to accept sponsorships from Houston contractors that they highly recommend. Sponsors will be featured on the show and promoted in a variety of ways, always with the intention of benefitting the Houston community. The hosts also hope to begin building their YouTube presence, and eventually start a podcast.

Coffee in Spring Branch Management District

The Caffeinated Show recently hosted Economic and Marketing Director for the Spring Branch Management District, Gretchen Larson. Broadcasting from the new Wonderland Coffee on Wirt Road, Larson highlighted the exciting changes to the Spring Branch area that residents should be on the lookout for.

Larson explains that the purpose of the Spring Branch Management District is to “provide enhanced services for residents, above and beyond what the City of Houston provides.” The district builds upon city initiatives and creates beneficial community projects of their own that otherwise never would have happened. The goal of any developments and improvements are to make the community “safe, clean and green.”

SEAL Security patrol is an ongoing priority that the district funds, providing officers who are able to respond to calls at any time. Other areas of importance include environmental and urban design projects, mobility and transportation improvements, business and economic development, as well as marketing and showcasing businesses in the district.

Spring Branch, as Larson says, “has been found again,” with 60 new subdivisions and 2,500 homes under construction, and developers flocking to the 21 square mile area. Houstonians who move to Spring Branch are benefitting from living close to the inner loop, while still purchasing a home in an affordable neighborhood.

As the trend to move into Spring Branch continues, new businesses are following suit. The district has big plans in store for Longpoint, which runs through the heart of the district and is home to many of the Spring Branch’s hidden food gems. The Braun Enterprises redevelopment of a 60’s era shopping center near Wirt “is the first step in the reimagining of Longpoint,” says Larson. We’ll expect to see a new location of the Houston-based Slowpokes Coffee taking up residence there, as well as a Kenny & Ziggy’s commissary kitchen, and other leases that haven’t been made public yet.

“We want to make Longpoint more walkable, and more green,” says Larson. Art installations by Houston’s Red Bud Gallery will start appearing this summer along Longpoint, in an effort to beautify the area. After the initial installation, businesses in the area will be encouraged to be part of the effort by “adopting an installation.”

But it’s not just the businesses and streets that are getting a facelift. Spring Branch is participating in a city-wide effort to connect hiking and biking trails in a complete 150-mile loop around Houston. The Spring Branch Trail, also known as the Centerpoint Trail, is a piece of a larger, greener puzzle that the Bayou City is creating.

These projects that will change the face of Spring Branch are called “The 7 Projects to Follow,” and their details and timelines are provided at So grab a cup of coffee, and see for yourself why families and businesses are putting down roots Spring Branch.

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