Mark your calendars!
All are invited- please forward this email to your neighbors, friends, and family!police-cops-presentation

September 20, 2016- ID THEFT- DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR INFORMATION FROM IDENTITY THEFT? Should you use checks for payment or a single credit card? What are the risks of current credit cards? Learn the techniques and tools to keep you and your family safe from hackers and thieves.

October 4, 2016- National Night Out- No regular PIP meeting in October- Please send me your neighborhood party locations for National Night Out! I need to finalize our list by September 20, 2016- please send me your neighborhood info if you are having an event for National Night Out!

**Northwest Division Captain A. Anderson will be out addressing the meetings regarding crime updates **
**for crime stats- see **

Location: 8009 Long Point- “Faith Center- sanctuary”
Time: 7:00pm

Questions: contact Sr. Police Officer C. Engelhardt- 832-394-0100