By J.D. Herman

A wonderful surprise awaits anyone who enjoys plants and architectural ephemera at In The Garden. Located at 1405 Cedar Post Ln., just a stone’s throw from busy Blalock Rd in the Spring Branch Management District, you will be amazed at the thoughtfully creative grounds. Set up to mimic an actual home garden, the nursery features something for every style of landscape. Perfectly curated by owner, Suzan Galvan, In The Garden has a touch of The Orange Show infused with traces of Bayou Bend Gardens. Traditional fountains merge with fantastical creations of vintage birdcages turned succulent planters. A pea gravel path takes you past modern steel garden sculptures that give way to stone cherubs and religious statues.

Suzan, together with her husband Frank, have been inspiring locals since 1999 with their unique, eclectic and homegrown vibe. Unlike big box nurseries with generic rows upon rows of plants, In The Garden is personal – coaxing you to sit for a while on a sun-dappled bench while listening to the songbirds. In fact, so inviting are the grounds, local businesses regularly hold meetings here, as do women’s groups and drumming circles. This sense of community is the foundation In The Garden was built upon. “Our customers are loyal,” notes Suzan. “They like to shop local and support independent shops.”

Whether you are in search of a centerpiece for your front yard or just looking to add color and depth to an existing garden, Suzan is eager to help. She is not interested in merely selling you plants (all locally sourced), but in helping make your garden a successful representation of your vision. She does this with authentic curiosity and personalized service. She will ask you what kind of house you have, what kind of light, how green is your thumb? (Note – in my case not at all!) “We’ve helped a lot of people have a new appreciation for plants,” says Suzan. “Once people have success in their garden they are happy and come back for more!”

After you have decided on the plants for your garden, make sure to stop by the equally intriguing gift shop, as it offers a full range of items including insulated wine carriers, gourmet foodie items (Frank’s own BBQ sauce is not to be missed!), wind chimes and unique creations by local artists. The shop is under the watchful eye of resident “attack cat” Miss Kitty. She presents a surly exterior – easily overcome with belly rubs and ear scratches. She, like everything at In The Garden, invites you to be in the moment and enjoy the best life has to offer.

Sign up for the newsletter and stay updated on all the happenings at In the Garden, including upcoming workshops and additions by new artists. Most recently, they hosted a Father’s Day event call Bugs, Birds, and BBQ for adults and kids. I hope to catch a future event and will be back for inspiration, more plants and gifts. In The Garden is a unique treasure in the Spring Branch Management District. Be sure to visit this gem soon.

In The Garden
1405 Cedar Post Ln
Houston, 77055

In The Garden