June 3, 2021

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021 City Council voted on the $5.1 billion Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget for the City of Houston. I offered 39 amendments that you can see here. Many of the amendments passed. A few highlights of amendments that passed include:

  • Hiring an on-call maintenance contract to clean ditches before heavy rain events
  • Reinstating the Summer Enrichment Program at the Carverdale Community Center
  • Getting an on-call contract for assistance with missed trash/recycling pickups (subject to vendor availability – more details to come on this as details are being worked through)
  • Overtime services from code enforcement inspectors
  • Items to significantly reduce costs:
    • Renegotiate the contact with TxDOT that requires the City to pay for freeway lights (potential $1,060,098 in savings)
    • Expand upon the Strategic Vehicle Replacement Program (this is expanding on my budget amendment from last year that is already saving $3M by leasing vehicles rather than purchasing)

Many amendments were also referred to committee.  Highlights of amendments referred are:

  • Sunset Review – to thoroughly audit each program and department
  • Creating an app so that you can see in real time where the trash/recycling trucks are and whether or not they have been to your street (so you know if your house or street was missed)
  • Implementing GPS on the City’s High Water Rescue Vehicles so that you can see where the rescue vehicles are in real time during hurricanes.
  • Requiring generators in each council district for shelters as necessary during hurricanes or other weather events.
  • Using American Rescue Plane Act (ARPA) funds to help businesses offset costs for permitting or licenses.

Watch the District A
Hurricane Preparedness Town Hall

Click on the image above to watch the Town Hall

Bark for BARC

Join us this tomorrow, Friday June 4th on the Spring Branch Trail for the 5th Annual BARK for BARC Virtual 5K. Animal lovers are invited to join us to raise funds and awareness for BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions. Bring your dogs (on a leash) for the walk if you would like!

When: Friday, June 4th at 2:30 PM (if it is not raining)
Where: Spring Brach Trail. Park at Schwartz Park, 8203 Vogue Lane, Houston, Texas 77055

To register, donate, or learn more about the event, please visit: www.HoustonBARCFoundation.org. Team name: District A Team

$5 Pet Adoptions at BARC

Visit BARC June 10 – 13 to adopt your new pet for only $5!