By JD Herman

Situated at the intersection of the Loop 610 and the Katy Freeway, in the MARQ*E entertainment center, hungry Houstonians will find a Spring Branch Management District favorite, Maine-ly Sandwiches. As any New England native will tell you, there is nothing that represents summer more than the ubiquitous lobster roll although, there is some debate regarding which style is the most “authentic.” While Connecticut-style enthusiasts prefer their lobster merely tossed in melted butter here, at Maine-ly’s, one cannot go wrong with their signature lobster roll sandwich. Made with fresh-steamed lobster lightly tossed with mayonnaise, this filled to the gills sandwich comes served in a buttered, toasted flat roll. Fans of Texas Toast will definitely enjoy the crispy exterior that gives way to softness with each bite. We tried both the lobster and crab rolls. Maine-ly’s did not disappoint. Each was the perfect balance of tang to creaminess, and ratio of buttered bread to meat. These are hardy sandwiches so you’ll walkaway satisfied but not overstuffed.

We chose to complete our meal with a New England Clam Chowda, an order of fried clams, and piping hot, crispy, ridge-cut french fries but they also offer homemade mac n’ cheese and coleslaw. Since I am trying to watch my “quarantine” carbs I decided not to have the chowder served in a bread bowl, instead sprinkling oyster crackers on top of the creamy goodness. This was no small feat of willpower as the bread smelled delicious! Speaking of carbs, you can choose to forgo bread altogether by turning any sandwich into a salad. A perfect option for those counting calories.  (Honestly though, I would have a hard time ordering a salad when the deliciousness of perfectly crisp fried clams and house-made tartar sauce are well within reach.)

While this family-owned and operated business is hyped for its authentic lobster rolls, they also serve up crab rolls, clam strip rolls, lobster bisque, and impressive Maine Style, Italian sandwich choices: Turkey, smoked ham, tuna salad, veggie, Italian, BLT, spicy salami, roast beef, grilled chicken, cheeseburger, meatball, and chicken salad.

Now, for the real star: Maine-ly’s whoopie pie. Even if you don’t like seafood it is  worth stopping by for these homemade treats. What could be so special about a whoopie pie? Well, to start, it’s a creamy marshmallow filling sandwiched between two — TWO — freshly baked cookies. Newbies should definitely try the original chocolate and then go bold with one of Maine-ly’s specialty flavors: Blueberry, snickerdoodle, nutella, very strawberry, girl scout thin mint, chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet, chocolate chip cookie, pumpkin, ginger nog, rocky road, peanut butter, s’mores, or cookies and cream. Sold individually or by the dozen, these definitely fulfill those that are looking for up their carbo loading game.

The day we visited the staff were wearing masks and gloves, and customers respected social distancing guidelines. Every other table was closed off but for those not yet ready to eat out, call ahead and place your order for pick-up (website online ordering coming to their website soon!)


Maine-ly Sandwiches
7620 Katy Freeway, Ste 225
Houston, TX 77025

Monday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday and Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM