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“Are Y’all Still Able to Help?”

While MAM’s campus is closed, we are helping families from home offices in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms throughout the city. Every day.

Kimberly Robbins, Case Manager, received a text message and an email on a Saturday from a landlord saying thank you for sending a tenant’s rent. The tenant called shortly after to say thank you again for helping her. “It’s very gratifying to be able to help,” said Kimberly.

This landlord knows MAM and our verbal pledge is as good as a promise, but Kimberly rushed the check through because we needed to put the client’s mind at ease. She has never asked for help before and is afraid of losing her home, but she has to keep what precious little cash she has to buy groceries until her unemployment checks start to arrive. And there are hundreds more just like her.

For every person waiting for unemployment or a stimulus payment, there is another who will not qualify for government support and no longer has a job. They are more afraid because there is no help coming.

The volume of calls is tremendous and MAM staff is working hard at home to return each person’s call, determine how we can help and put their mind at ease – all through telephone calls, emails and virtual meetings. So, when a woman asked Daniel, our Computer Literacy Specialist, “Are y’all still able to give any help?” he responded, “Yes MAM.”

Thank you for making this assistance to families possible.

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Working Remotely: Employment Services

MAM has adjusted well to serving families remotely while staff work from home. We will continue to share our stories with you to demonstrate how your support is being put to good use for those who need it most.

“We all have talents that we don’t know about!”
– Yolanda Bing
MAM Employment Services Coordinator


Sofia is a single mother and provider for her teenage daughter. She came to MAM two weeks ago looking for help and we provided her with rental assistance. She was working as a cook in a local restaurant, but the owner decided to close after the city’s “Stay at Home” ordinance went into effect, and Sofia lost her source of income.
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A Message from Sonja, MAM President & CEO

Over the past week, MAM has received calls from over 200 families, each day, seeking assistance. Some have never needed to ask for help before, but they are facing unemployment and didn’t know where else to turn. Others are hearing on the news that they should buy groceries for the next two weeks, when they can hardly scrape together the money to feed their family tomorrow. Many either do not qualify for unemployment or stimulus money, or the high demand and backlogged process means that funds won’t arrive in time to help meet their immediate needs. Your ongoing commitment to MAM has allowed us to quickly ramp up our (virtual) services for financial assistance, employment and mental health in this critical time.  THANK YOU.

I would also like to say THANK YOU to our amazing staff who are working tirelessly to ensure that needs are met promptly and that every person who calls MAM is provided with the compassion and care that we are known for. This is not an easy task with the tremendous volume of requests and the mounting anxieties in our community. I am so proud and grateful for the commitment and dedication of our team. I join the rest of our community in thanking you and all the first responders who are doing heroic work for our community.

This is a difficult time for so many. On behalf of the families and individuals whose lives will ever be touched by the support MAM is providing to them today, THANK YOU. Knowing that there are people in their community that care about their well-being means so much. Beyond the relief of the day, it nourishes human connection and breeds hope. Hope that we all need as we navigate this crisis. Thank you for making it possible. We are all so much stronger together.