Pat Maddox, SBMD Board Chair

Hello and welcome to summer in the Spring Branch Management District. Midway through the calendar year, it seems like a good point to stop and assess the improvements we’ve made to our community.

The most recently completed work is the reconstruction of parts of Long Point Road which will
improve the flow of traffic in the area. One of the key points of the District’s comprehensive plan is to maximize Long Point’s role as a “Main Street” connecting major shopping, dining, and residential centers within our community, and these improvements advance us toward that goal.

As we welcome visitors into the District, we want to ensure they receive some key messages about the benefits of living in Spring Branch, which include geographic, educational, cultural, and quality of life advantages. Toward that end, we have continued a strategic campaign of making those “Quit the Commuting” messages visible on billboards along Highway 290 and Interstate 10, as well as in radio spots during peak drive times.

Our Environmental and Urban Design Committee has done an excellent job of beautifying and branding the District with monuments at key entrances, flag markers, and landscaped esplanades. These improvements help perpetuate Spring Branch’s image as a charming, unique, welcoming community. We would certainly like for residents and business owners to help us maintain those aesthetic improvements by reporting any activity that might detract from them, such as graffiti or damaged caused by careless drivers running over curbs and through the plantings.

The same kind of warmth and hospitality we offer visitors is also extended to local businesses through the District’s Business Ambassador Program, which has been in place for two years. Our current Ambassador is Kristen Gonzales, who has already proven herself to be an asset to the community through her work at the Newspring Center. Kristen will continue her outreach to local business owners, informing them of beneficial projects and programs initiated by the District.

Spring Branch also continues to be one of the safest communities in the area, thanks to the efforts of S.E.A.L. Security officers and their canine units. Their services support the vigilant efforts of other local law enforcement agencies in reducing undesirable activities. Their effectiveness has been evident in crime statistics from the last quarter and a greater overall sense of security for Spring Branch businesses and families––especially in our apartment communities. All of these initiatives will be presented in greater detail when we hold our State of the District Luncheon on Wednesday, September 30 at the Westin Hotel in Memorial City. I hope you willjoin us in this celebration of the District’s accomplishments to continually improve the quality of life in one of the most unique and vibrant neighborhoods in the Houston metropolitan area.

Pat Maddox
Chair, Spring Branch Management District Board of Directors