IMG_6032Alex Diaz is the co-owner, with Chris Grollitsch, of Top Tech Experts, a computer sales and repair shop.

When did you start the business?

In 2008. We started as a home business, reselling old computers that we got from big corporations. Before I knew it, I had computers stacked up all over the living room. It got out of control. So we decided to get a retail location. And naturally along with the sales, we had customers requesting repairs. Now repairs are probably 70 percent of our business.

So you build custom computers?

We do some of that, but most of them come from these corporations. They tend to upgrade their computers every two or three years, even if they don’t need it. So they have all these old computers that are perfectly good. We buy them, wipe the hard drives, clean them up, and resell them. They’re really good business computers, which are more powerful than consumer computers, and we’re able to sell them at a big discount. So you get a great computer for a good price. We sell them to families that need a computer for their children, as well as to small businesses.

IMG_6034It’s great that you’re having such success in a market that seems to be dominated by big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart. How do you compete with the giants?

It’s all about the personal experience. We give a lot of free advice. We’ll answer questions, help them out. Our customers know we care about them. People go to Best Buy and feel like the employees there don’t really care. You have to pay a lot of money just to have someone look at your computer. We’re a small business, so we don’t have a whole bunch of corporate rules that we have to follow. And that’s important, because every situation is different, every customer’s problem is unique.

Why did you choose to open the business in Spring Branch?

Well, I grew up in the Memorial area, and my business partner’s father owns a business around the corner. We grew up here; it’s home to us. It’s great location, close to the major freeways. And the demographics here are so diverse—you have all races, all income levels, all nationalities. We wanted to cater to everyone, because everyone has a computer.

IMG_6033What do you think about all the changes in Spring Branch?

Sometimes the construction is frustrating, but that happens everywhere. I think it’s mostly good. As long as they conserve what Spring Branch is known for, as long as they don’t completely change it, I’m on board. Change is good. Things need to be updated eventually.

Right—for instance, the Spring Branch Management District is thinking of ways to improve Long Point, make it more pedestrian friendly, make it safer for drivers.

It definitely needs that. The roads are pretty bad. So it’s great that they’re putting money in it to update the infrastructure.

Top Tech Experts. 1821 Bingle Road. 281-979-7364.