Kendra,left, Andrea and Isabel

There is yet another new way to get a healthy nutritional fix in Spring Branch.

It’s at the Healthy Fix Nutrition store at 2755 Gessner at Kempwood in an HEB shopping strip.

Its healthy beverage bar serves up nutritional shakes and food items that are big on taste and small in calories.

Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to support each other in following their dreams, co-owners, Andrea Villegas 4, her daughter Isabel Shanahan and friend Kendra Jefferson joined forces and began researching their unique beverage ideas.

“We knew we weren’t a smoothie bar, and we can’t call ourselves a juice bar either. Our shop was something new. Before we opened, we visited other healthy beverage bars in Minnesota, South Carolina and North Carolina,” explained Andrea, a professional wellness coach with more than 20 years of experience.

The wellness staff walks customers through a menu that includes more than 160 beverage choices.

Some have familiar names like Fruity Pebble, Snickers, Oreo Cookie and Nutter Butter.

“Snickers is my favorite. I was looking for a meal replacement that wasn’t heavy and these are light and delicious,” said Lisa, a regular customer. “The first time I came I took a couple of extra shakes back to the office for my co-workers and they loved them. Last week I brought my boss and today he brought our whole team.”

Co-owner Andrea’s passion for wellness shows as she highlights various beverages:

“Our WOW shakes contain anywhere from 17 to 24 grams of protein, 145-200 calories, and 21 additional vitamins and minerals. Plus you can add boosters like probiotics, fiber, immunity or focus. The collagen-infused energy drinks come in flavors like Tranquility, Peace, Hope and Wisdom. We recently added an edibles menu which includes waffles and protein-boosted hot oats. Anything on our menu is less than 200 calories.”

There’s a kids’ menu, too. Your little ones can enjoy a Berry Captain Crunch, Smores or Birthday Cake with brain health boosters or hydration drink flavors like watermelon and Skittles.

The shop features weekly themes that offer drinks not included on the regular menu. Recent themes have highlighted baseball-oriented flavors such as Cracker Jack. There was even a Taylor Swift-themed week in recognition of her concert stop in Houston.

Healthy Fix Nutrition also has a 3-Day Eat Clean Challenge.

“It gives our clients the opportunity to ‘test-drive’ our wellness coaching to ease into a full program and work on long-term goals,” added Andrea.

The wellness coach programs can assist with personalized meal plans.

Positive messages adorn the walls of the modern farmhouse-style decor. The setting includes bright-colored chairs and a sitting area to enjoy a health drink and conversation with friends or co-workers.

There is a prayer jar for visitors needing spiritual encouragement for themselves or others. And check out your drink as you leave; you may find a personal written message with words of encouragement from one of the staff members.

With their Engaged App, ordering ahead is simple. The app allows customers to submit orders for a scheduled curbside pickup.

“When we were looking for an area to start this new adventure, Spring Branch checked off all of the boxes in offering everything that we were looking for,” Andrea said.

She said the store opened in December and started turning a profit in March.

These entrepreneurs are approaching business with a philanthropic focus, making connections with community members who are encouraged to visit the website and nominate local businesses to receive free energy drinks. Staff members at Terrace Elementary have already received treats from the Healthy Fix Nutrition crew.

“Beyond providing our customers with great service, we are committed to giving back and a desire to impact this community in a positive way,” Andrea said.

Open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed Sundays

— By Jessika Leal