Public Safety Update

Clashes between police and demonstrators, and isolated criminal acts, have flared in Houston and across the nation in reaction to the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis. Fortunately they have not spread to people and property in the Spring Branch Management District as far as we know. But we urge everyone [...]

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Monarch School and Institute guides students with learning/development disorders

Spring Branch is the home to many different quality schools, from public and private to charter and religious schools. Among the more distinct is The Monarch School and Institute. It is structured to serve the needs of students with neurological differences and offers an innovative therapeutic education. Students there often have been diagnosed with Autism [...]

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Participate in the Owl-O-Ween Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Owl-O-Ween Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest TWRC Wildlife Center is excited to host our Owl-O-Ween Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Whether you’re 5 or 95, get into the competitive spirit and show us what you can do! Paint, decorate, or carve your pumpkin…wherever the spirit leads! Wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate a wildlife theme into your creation?! [...]

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The County Connection: Fighting Crime the Smart Way

The County Connection Lina Hidalgo | Harris County Judge October 2021 All across America, violent crime has increased -- and sadly Harris County has not been immune to this national trend. It’s no secret what is driving crime both here and across the nation -- the economic consequences of the pandemic and the widespread availability and use [...]

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Spring Branch expert soothes dogs with massage and CBD guidance

Cheryn Pollard Strong, thunderous, sudden rain downpours in this time of climate change frighten many pet dogs. Amid the pandemic, many canines suffer separation anxiety as owners resume working away from home. With all the disruption and the ups and downs of “normal” life, dogs and the people who love them turn for [...]

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