For 16 years, Maria Sindoni has understood and appreciated the quality of life in Spring Branch––both as a Realtor® and a resident.


What she has learned about the residential community over the years is that it is full of unexpected surprises that fly in the face of buyers’ preconceived notions.

“When I bought my house in 1998, we were at the height of the seller’s market––as we are now, but not as good,” said Sindoni of Realty Associates. “When I started selling, what I noticed about Spring Branch real estate is that you could never gauge what you were going to see by the street because it changes from one block to another.”

Located between the job centers of Energy Corridor and the Galleria, Spring Branch offers a uniquely positioned community with many advantages over other Houston neighborhoods, she said.

“You can’t compare the trees and the sizes of the lots and the proximity to the city and the school district to anything else,” she said. “You’ve got everything you need out here.”

With all the new construction and improvements underway, Spring Branch has also stabilized to the point that it may be insulated against changes in the Houston economy, she said.

“It’s changed in a way that it can’t go back,” she said. “Right now, it’s a great market for sellers, and for Spring Branch, it will continue to be a great market.”

Sindoni said she works with at least five large local companies for relocation consulting and has noticed that the access good schools––both the public schools in Spring Branch ISD and the private schools like the Awty International School––is an important factor for employees looking to relocate their families to the neighborhood.

Born in New York City, Sindoni lived in her mother’s home country of Argentina briefly before moving to Houston’s west side when she was four. Working with her parents’ business, Sindoni discovered very early she had an ability and an affinity for sales, which led her into real estate.

When she’s not helping other people find their ideal homes, Sindoni said she’s a taskmaster who stays active running errands and working out, but also likes to travel, often spending as much as a month in Europe when she can find the time.

She got her real estate license about the same time she found her own ideal home on Long Point between Bunker Hill and Blalock.

“When I moved here, I feel like I really hit the jackpot, because now I’m in the middle of everything,” she said. “I love my house, I love the lot, and I love the proximity to everything I need. You can’t ask for more in terms of conveniences, newness and cleanness. It’s all there.”