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My Spring Branch: Jennifer Edwards, 4J Brewing Company

Jennifer Edwards is co-owner of 4J Brewing Company, which opens in June. Why did you decide to open this brewpub in Spring Branch? I’ve lived in Spring Branch my whole life. My mom went to Spring Branch High School, so she’s been here even longer. I began brewing beer at home with my dad when [...]

My Spring Branch: David Alcorta

David Alcorta is a Spring Branch resident, and the owner of David Alcorta Catering and Bakery, which catered the Spring Branch District’s Christmas social on December 14th. How did you get into the catering business? Well, I’ve been in Houston for 11 years. I moved here from Laredo to get my culinary degree from the Art [...]

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My Spring Branch: Kathleen Ownby

Kathleen Ownby is the executive director of the SPARK school park program, which has built over 200 parks in the greater Houston area. Where did the idea for SPARK come from? It was started in 1983 by my mother, then-council member Eleanor Tinsley, in response to a study that was done by the county judge [...]

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My Spring Branch: Amitha Verma, Owner of Village Antiques

Amitha Verma, owner of Village Antiques Amitha Verma is an interior designer, and the owner of Village Antiques. Why did you decide to open Village Antiques? We opened about four and a half years ago. I had an interior design background, and I worked on a lot of custom houses. It was great. [...]

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My Spring Branch: Wayne Schaper, Sr., Educator

Last week Wayne Schaper, Sr. announced that he was stepping down from the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees after 14 years on the board and 55 years with the district. He was first hired in 1961 to teach math and coach sports at Landrum Junior High School (now Landrum Middle School). How did it [...]

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