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HPD PIP Meeting for January: Welcome 2018!

Welcome 2018! New Years Test— Is it legal to talk on your cell phone on your hands free device while driving through a school zone? Does everyone in my car need to have their seatbelt on ? or just the passengers in the front seat? When is it legal for a juvenile to sit in [...]

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HPD Positive Interaction Program Meeting May 16th

May 16, 2017- (Tuesday) Our topic will be Officer Safety - “Shoot, Don’t Shoot!” Our Officer Safety unit will be out to show us how effective this important training tool has been over the years. From training the Cadets to informing the public, this tool shows us how quickly life or death decisions are routinely [...]

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Upcoming PIP Meetings for July and August

July 19, 2016- In light of the recent positive response to the HPD Auto theft division- VIN etching program- we have decided to bring these officers to our next meeting time to conduct free VIN Etching on your vehicles! Because of the demand for this service, we will temporarily move the meeting over to the [...]

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