If you’re looking to achieve a level of all-over fitness while having fun, Texas Rock Gym at 1526 Campbell Road might be the place to start your workout program.

Manager Matt Treadway got his start there as an employee, but eventually found a partner to help him buy the business which has been an indoor adventure destination in Spring Branch since 1996. The facility boasts 14,000 square feet of climbing space.

The gym caters to youth groups, birthday parties, Boy and Girl Scout events, and overnight lock-ins, but also serves a number of active adults from outdoor groups all over the area.


Yoga, Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes are offered free as part of the membership package, which starts at $65 a month.  Membership also includes a discount on the gym’s Primal Fitness program, which incorporates a high-intensity fitness training program of cardio, weights and gymnastics.  Early-morning fitness boot camps are popular with the ladies who have reported great results, he said.

“It’s not centered around climbing, but all of our instructors are climbers and outdoor people,” he added. Daily rates and 10-visit bundles are also available for rock climbing, and safety equipment is available to rent.

The health advantages of rock climbing are many and varied, Treadway said. The key muscle groups that get a workout from the first visit are your arms and your grip, he said, but you also use your legs to help propel you up the wall.  “It’s kind of an all-body workout,” he said. “Most rock climbers that are in shape from climbing tend to be lean and slender. You use a lot of your back and core muscles.”  It’s also a fun and challenging workout for children, he said.

“We’ve seen kids come in and start climbing as young as four and five, but really, they pick up climbing at seven or eight, Treadway said. That’s when they have the mind/body connection to start doing it on their own. We have a philosophy that we try to get people in practical shape and the goal is to show them how they can use their bodies,” he said.


Dont Forget!

Monday is Ladies night, ladies get half off a day pass after 6 pm

Thursday is Military and First Responders night, half off a day pass after 6 pm

Friday and Saturday are Student nights, half off a day pass after 6 pm with a valid student id.

We are also having summer camp this year and are taking emails for preregistration (which opens May 12). If anyone is interested they can get on the list by going to