Are you a personal trainer, yoga instructor or other type of fitness professional? Need a place to bring your clients?

With the new Ranch Studio, you can run your fitness business without breaking the bank, especially if you take advantage of an early bird discount now being offered.

At the Ranch Studio, located at the Ranch Office co-working headquarters in the Spring Branch District, fitness professionals pay only for the time they need.

“The opening of the Ranch Studio will allow us to bring the benefits of the shared model to a completely new type of business,” says Ranch Office and Ranch Studio founder Michael Haapaniemi. “This project allows us to empower local entrepreneurs in the fitness and health-related industries by dramatically lowering their cost of doing business, while also providing them and their clients with an energetic atmosphere that borrows from our neighboring Ranch Office co-working space.”

The Ranch Studio is located at 1220 Blalock Road and features a multi-use studio room equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, as well as a projector and audio system, both of which can be controlled by trainers or instructors who rent the space. In addition to the multi-use room, there is a private room available for smaller classes or consulting sessions. Clients enter the Ranch Studio into a reception area. The two bathrooms include showers for the convenience of clients and trainers.

Ranch Studio members will receive perks from the Ranch Office, such as an included mailing address and access to a flexible workspace should they need to answer e-mails after a training session. The fitness space will also be available to members currently officing out of the Ranch Office co-working space.

The Ranch Office opened last year with 5,500 sq. feet of office space designed with a Texas Ranch in mind. The Ranch Office features a large community space, themed meeting rooms, and rooftop deck.

“It’s a balance of rustic and modern, homey and professional,” Haapaniemi said. Located off I-10 between the Energy Corridor and Downtown Houston, the Ranch Office and the Ranch Studio offer an unbeatable location, with convenient access to all parts of the city.

For many entrepreneurs or small businesses, the cost of leasing a dedicated office space is too great to justify, and the short-term commitments, networking opportunities, and sense of community offered make co-working an attractive alternative.

Small businesses can join Ranch Office by taking a private office, which feature height-adjustable desks, or they can utilize flexible workspace in the community area with a “flex desk” membership. Virtual memberships are also available for those who’d like to send mail to Ranch Office and book access to the space on a less frequent basis.

For more info, visit their website,, or follow them on Instagram: @ranchoffice. To book a tour of the Ranch Office, call (832) 742-4749.

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