Blue Star Program

The Management District is working with the Houston Police Department to encourage local multifamily residences and apartments to participate in the Blue Star Program. This program is designed to bring apartment complexes and multifamily residential units into compliance with current city codes and to promote safety for the residents of these facilities. The benefit for the property owner is a more valuable and desirable property which may work to reverse the trend and increase profitability by encouraging good tenants while weeding out the criminal element.

Esplanade Improvement and Maintenance

Monarch Landscape Management currently provides landscaping and maintenance of esplanades adopted by the Spring Branch Management District. In addition to cutting esplanades and right of ways along a number of commercial roadways, Monarch also maintains irrigation systems in esplanades, helping to keep the Spring Branch area more attractive to current and potential businesses and the communities which surround them.

Median Tip Improvements

The Spring Branch Management District is active in replacing damaged median tips across the district as well as redesigning and engineering tips to be more durable, keeping esplanades intact thereby increasing the life expectancy of the plants located within esplanades.

S.E.A.L. Security Services

SEAL LogoThe Spring Branch Management District has contracted with S.E.A.L. Security Services to provide proactive law enforcement within the borders of the Spring Branch Management District. S.E.A.L. officers work in the commercial areas and major thoroughfares to supplement the existing services provided by the Houston Police Department, Spring Branch ISD Police and other law enforcement efforts in the area. The officers’ activities are reported in the Public Safety Committee meeting and to the Board of Directors at their board meeting via the Executive Director Report on a monthly basis. See meeting schedule for dates and times of meetings.

Litter Abatement

SMC Logistics provides for the Spring Branch Management District regular and routine removal of “Bandit Signs” (Those little homemade signs which adorn the intersections of so many other parts of the city) and general litter which clutters intersections and detracts from the aesthetic appearance of a well maintained neighborhood.

Graffiti Abatement

One of the first programs designed to positively impact the quality of life in the Spring Branch Management District is the removal of unsightly graffiti from public, and private property. At no additional cost, the Spring Branch Management District provides removal of graffiti from businesses, public property and other private property. This service is provided through a contract with the East End Management District who offers a low cost graffiti removal program which not only removes the graffiti but often restores the property to its original condition. This program helps to reduce the likelihood of future graffiti but also removes the graffiti “Scar.” (Those blotches of grey paint on the sides of buildings.)

We are grateful to our community partners and residents who actively assist us in reporting incidents. We encourage all residents and businesses to join in the effort to help us eradicate graffiti from the District by reporting to 311 or by clicking here. We work closely with our graffiti abatement contractor, our Constable Unit and HPD to identify and prosecute the individuals responsible for graffiti in our District.


Multi-Family Public Safety Outreach Program

The goal of the Multi Family Public Safety Outreach Program is to increase safety awareness in multifamily properties throughout Spring Branch by exposing residents to the safety and emergency resources available to them in a fun environment that also encourages a feeling of community among residents.

Business and Community Liaison

The Spring Branch Management District created the Business and Community Liaison Program as a proactive initiative to communicate directly with the storefront business owners in Spring Branch. The Liaison represents the district and acts as an advocate, guide, and resource for area businesses and uses in-person visits to deliver newsletters and other materials on district programs and projects.