Our Mission

Spring Branch Management District’s mission is to positively impact public safety, business development, environmental and urban design, and mobility and transportation to facilitate profitability, promote the redevelopment and growth of the area, and to help create an environment attractive to business.

Ongoing programs spearheaded by the Spring Branch Management District include working with the apartment complexes and multifamily residential units to promote public safety awareness, working with the Houston Police Department to promote its Blue Star Program, providing S.E.A.L. Security patrols to enhance security, removing graffiti from public and private commercial property, maintaining various landscapes throughout the district, removing bandit signs, and cleaning up heavy trash dump sites.

Rich with diverse culture and history, Spring Branch is uniquely situated to provide resources and quality of life for businesses and residents alike.


Spring Branch began as a religious community settled by German farmers, many of whom owned dairies. The earliest settler was Karl Kolbe, who arrived from Germany in 1830 and settled on the banks of Spring Branch where it joined Buffalo Bayou, nine miles from Houston. In 1848 farmers cleared the surrounding forestland for farms and built St. Peter’s United Church with lumber set aside from one of three local sawmills on a site donated by the Bauer family, who owned the mill. The Spring Branch School Society, sponsored by the church in 1856, would eventually become the Spring Branch Independent School District.

In the mid-1950s, when efforts to form a corporation known as Spring Branch failed, a group of affluent communities known as the Villages, including Hedwig Village, Bunker Hill, Piney Point, Hunter’s Creek, Spring Valley, and Hillshire Village, were formed from the town and its surrounding area.

While Spring Branch has undergone many changes through the years, many of the streets in the Spring Branch and Memorial area bear the names of the first settlers to Spring Branch: Kolbe, Hillendahl, Bauer, Schroeder, Hedwig, Sauer, Witte, Campbell, Look, Tappenback, Beinhorn, Rummel, Clay, Ojeman, Oberpriller, Telchow, Tendler, Mueller, Neuen, Kuhlman, Bingle, Reidel, Reichart, Beutel, Pech, Burkhardt, Emnora, Fredrich, Hufmeister, Weiman and Koehn.

Today, Spring Branch is home to a diverse and growing population bound together by their love of the neighborhood and all it has to offer.