Executive Summary

Each year, through the budget planning process, the District adopts a marketing, business and economic development project work plan and budget. After adoption of the project work plan and budget, a strategic communications plan is developed.

The strategic objective of this plan is to ensure increased public awareness of District projects, both ongoing and those that are planned. A secondary objective is to increase brand awareness of District activities to the property and business owners, elected officials and key stakeholders and the general public as we implement and plan new projects. Lastly, we act as positive change agents for property and business owners by interfacing with them to ensure the efficacy of our District efforts, and to develop or modify ongoing programs and projects to meet owner needs when appropriate.

The marketing, business and economic development committee meets monthly, or as needed, to receive reports and review the project work and tactics plan to provide feedback and make recommendations for adjustments to the plan as may be needed. Attachment A is a schedule of the outreach strategy by medium and audience type.

Plan Objectives

  1. Brand and promote the District as a place to live, work, entertain, shop, and do business: This objective is to publicize the District as a business and consumer-friendly destination for investment, relocation, and entertainment.
  2. Be an information and education resource: Through our resources, the District will continue to grow our base of information and content available and relevant to:
    a. Our established local business relationships and community,
    b. Developers and independent parties interested in doing business within the district, and
    c. Our elected officials, key strategic partners, community members and the general public.
  3. Educate the public and business communities on District projects and programs: This objective is focused on educating our community about the programs and plans associated with the District. The messages used clearly communicate that the District is a safe, clean, green community where investments can grow. The tactics intended for this objective are to publicize and continue a nurturing-style of education throughout the year that explains the programs being implemented and their on-going progress. These programs represent the growth of our brand and branding efforts.