Q&A with Board Chair Pat Maddox

Pat Maddox has been the chair of the Spring Branch Management District Board since the District’s inception in 2005. With a background in real estate, she worked for the West Houston Association for 20 years.

Funded by voluntary memberships, the WHA was one of the first organizations to plan and implement projects to improve the area for businesses and residents. With the SBMD, which is funded by assessments, Maddox said the area finally has had the funding to make major plans a reality and is seeing an explosion in growth and name recognition due to improvements completed since the district started in 2005 and those in the works.

Maddox took a few moments as 2019 turned to 2020 to reflect on some of the accomplishments and goals of the SBMD.

Q: What were the Spring Branch District’s biggest accomplishments in 2019? 

A: A major accomplishment has been the tremendous value added to all properties, both residential and commercial as a direct result of the projects the district has accomplished.

Public safety also has been a major focus. Our residents and businesses are aware and engaged with our officers to ensure our community continues to be one of the safest areas in Houston. We spend almost $800,000 annually on public safety.

In terms of beautification, the District continues to maintain and upgrade all our esplanades and intersection improvements throughout our area, including the beautiful new street lights on Gessner and quickly removing any graffiti that appears in our area. We expect to spend $1.2 million this year to keep the district beautifully maintained.

Another major accomplishment has been brand awareness. Our business and economic development committee has worked very hard to put Spring Branch on the map and in the mind of everyone. The residential development has been booming for the last six years with our area having one of the highest number of building permits issued from the city of Houston than any other area in Houston. Clearly people have recognized what a great location and community it is to live in and raise a family. The great news is that we are seeing much needed new and desirable businesses move in and many more looking for a location in Spring Branch to take advantage of the many customers living here.

Q:  What are the board’s goals and priorities for 2020?

A: We will break ground on the Spring Branch Trail in late April or early May and construction is anticipated to be complete in 12 months. The trail will be built on the CenterPoint utility easement and traverse the district from end to end. It will eventually connect on the east to the White Oak Bayou Trail and the Addicks Reservoir Trail on the western end. Houstonians could walk, run or ride their bikes for miles for recreation or as an alternate way to work or schools. The District will spend over $2 million to have the trail built this year.

Our Reimagining Long Point project is slowly but finally scheduled to begin this year. Unfortunately it was delayed because the City of Houston’s panel replacement project did not get finished on time. But, regardless of the delay, our public art project on Long Point is moving forward and will be installed starting in January with a dedication ceremony scheduled for Valentine’s Day!

Q: How do you envision SBMD in 2030?

A: I see the Spring Branch District becoming Houston’s most desirable and thriving community to live and work. It will be “THE” place to live, work, shop, dine and play!

Q: How can the community get involved in the growth of the District?

A: Stay connected by going to our website www.sbmd.org and come to events. Get involved with a committee of interest. Be proactive. Our very capable staff is always available to meet to answer any questions or receive suggestions from our community.

Sign up for our e-mail blast at the bottom of our website’s home page at https://sbmd.org to stay on top of meeting notices and news. Contact info for the District staff is also available here: https://sbmd.org/contact/

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