by Dorothy Puch Lillig

Tres leches cake

The Spring Branch District’s newest “panadería” may be expanding to other areas soon.

“Business has been great,” said Robert Dihu, partner in Tres Amigos Bakery, located at 10064 Long Point Rd., Houston, 77055.

“The area is perfect for what we were looking for,” he added. “While having a strong demographic that fits the typical panadería base, we also felt it was an opportunity to introduce to a market that may not be familiar with the concept.”

Tres Amigos opened in the Spring Branch District in February and has been serving up tres leches cakes, conchas and more — much more  — to area residents and others eager to snag tasty treats baked fresh daily for a fair price. Most items cost under $1 each, with cookies starting at just 35 cents and many pastries costing 60 or 70 cents each. There are also beautifully decorated tres leches cakes, chocoflan and cheesecakes for every price range.

On a recent Monday afternoon, after a busy weekend, business was bustling with customers loading up trays with mouthwatering goodies. They were clearly happy to have the relatively new bakery in the neighborhood.

“We are looking forward to serving the (Spring Branch) community for many years to come,” said Dihu. At the same time, partners are looking to grow the business.


“Our plan is to establish locations throughout the Houston area, as we feel as though our level of quality and approach is far greater than the local competition,” he said.

For now, you can only snag Tres Amigos’ moist “mantecadas” (similar to muffins or cupcakes without frosting) or delectable “bolillos” (rolls with or without yummy jalapeño and cream cheese) on Long Point Road in the Spring Branch District.

Besides those items mentioned above, we recommend — of course — a slice of tres leches cake (or maybe a whole cake)! The vanilla with strawberry is a must-try, based on experience.

The selection of Mexican sweet breads, known as “conchas,” is out of this world. Just looking for a small treat? Try the “polvorones de canele” (cinnamon cookies).

Do not pass up the “orejas,” pastries shaped like ears, which are flaky and a perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Be sure to get two or more cheese-filled “cuernitos,” which are moon-shaped or horn-shaped rolls, as I found myself finding it hard to share.


“Canastas,” little pastry baskets filled with pineapple, strawberry or cream cheese, are as pleasing to look at as they are to eat. Add a few to your dessert platter when guests are coming.

Like every good Houston area bakery, Tres Amigos offers kolaches — even if they are not Mexican. Like the bolillos, they also come filled with jalapeño and cheese.

And, of course, they have fresh churros. Ours went quickly so don’t forget your amigos when shopping at Tres Amigos!

Tres Amigos Bakery
10064 Long Point Road Houston, Texas 77055

Pineapple, strawberry and cheese-filled canastas

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