By JD Herman

Unicorns, those ever elusive mythical creatures with extraordinary healing powers. They are pure magic and, usually, there are rainbows somehow involved. In late summer, when temps rage to the triple-digits, we Houstonians begin a quest for our uniquely chill version of a unicorn –– anything that takes our minds off the sweat and humidity . Something cool that  reminds us of the nostalgia of summer, that joy we once felt as kids. Sure, you can go sit in a nicely chilled movie theater (and set yourself back about $50 bucks) but, why? An awesome remedy to this Texas heat is waiting for you in the Spring Branch Management District ––  the UNICORN SNOW CONE.

Unicorn Snow Cone was started by Yesina Garcia and her Husband Josh. They wanted to bring back a family tradition from their youth of weekend snow cones and cool treats.  Affordable family fun that would entertain parents and “make little kids squeal.” They have created a snow cone truck and  in the process  created a destination experience that is  a joy to visit and a unique desert experience.

You may “nay” and ask, “What is so special about this wonderful beast?” Well, for starters, the fluffy cloud and rainbow toppings. Who knew a small wisp of fresh whipped cream and sugar-coated gummy rainbow could deliver such smiles? Unicorns do. Unicorns know this. (So did the Garcia’s! )They also know that it is 2019 and chemical colorings, preservatives and corn syrup laden flavorings will not fly, so they strive to use natural ingredients like  purified water and 100% cane sugar as the base for the Unicorn Rainbow. Piled high with fluffy shaved ice, drenched in housemade sprinkles and  syrups, and whipped clouds and gummy rainbows.

Other fantastical creations include: Fairy Dust, Dino Magic, and the boys favorite Tigers Blood. Each snow cone the Garcia’s make is an Instagram-worthy treat that kids and adults alike will “yay” for! Traditional favorites like Banana, Black Cherry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Strawberry and Tutti Frutti are offered alongside the exotics named Orchid Vanilla Magic, and Bahama 3 Boy Momma. The Garcia family also caters to canines. So, if you are a proud parent of a four-legged fur baby, check out the frozen chicken or beef broth AKA the  “Pup Cup.”

Also worth noting is the company’s commitment to the earth. “We love our planet, especially Texas,” says Unicorn Snow Cones owner Yesenia Garcia. “So we use 100% biodegradable cups, spoons and straws.”  Giving back to the community is also important for Mrs Garcia and her crew. They attend school fairs and PTA  events at area schools in Spring Branch and contribute as much as 20% of the evening’s profits back to the schools. Truly, community based business!

Other awesome Unicorn perks, include the current Back-to-School Promotion offering teachers get a free snow cone with their school ID. This underscores Garcia’s commitment and love for our community. “I am a mom of three boys, and a born and raised Houstonian,” says Ms. Garcia. “I just wanted to add something extra fun to my beloved City of Houston!”
Spring Branch Management District is lucky to have Unicorn Snow Cone in the neighborhood.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to confirm locations of the next Unicorn sightings or, keep an eye out for the hot pink food truck, often parked at their home base on Westview Drive.

Unicorn Snow Cone
10502 Westview Drive
Houston, Texas 77043

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