May 17, 2016- United States Marshalls Office-  US Marshall Gary Blankinship over the Southern District of Texas will be out to present to us about the office of the US Marshalls. Marshall Blankinship is a retired Houston Police Officer who has taken on this unique roll. He will have information on the jurisdiction of the US Marshalls and their roll in law enforcement. This is also a first for our PIP group-  plan on coming out early this evening!

June 21, 2016-  County Attorney Vince RyanMr. Ryan will present the topic “Introducing the County Attorney’s Office and How We Serve the People of Harris County.”  This informative meeting will present information on game rooms/spas and other habitual criminal activity areas to keeping Harris county citizens safe from environmental violators–check out the $100 million lawsuit against Volkswagen!

July 19, 2016Identity TheftWe have a corporate industry expert, Chuck Andrews, out to share tips to secure all your information and transactions.

August 16, 2016- Active Shooter updateHPD Stephen Daniel will present this valuable information with updates on recent activities around the globe that we continue to learn from.  

**Northwest Division Captain A. Anderson will be out addressing the meetings regarding crime updates **

**for crime stats- see **

Location:  8009 Long Point- “Faith Center- sanctuary”

Time:  7:00pm

Questions:  contact Sr. Police Officer C. Engelhardt- 832-394-0100

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