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A menu seasoned by the labor and love of five generations

"Val" Villareal with daughters, from left, Elizabeth, Maria and Michelle. There aren’t too many restaurants in the Houston area that can boast work by five generations of family members. But Valdemar “Val” Villareal’s La Plaza Restaurant, at 1803 Bingle Road in the heart of Spring Branch, is such a wonder. Valdemar’s father Roberto [...]

HortiProcess: Bringing Colombian coffees and fruits to Spring Branch 

Horti: Of or relating to the cultivation of plants; such as, fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants in a garden. Process: A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. HortiProcess: A Spring Branch District business perfectly blending the two into a growing business. Located on the southwestern edge of [...]

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Maker of in-demand camping modules finds breathing space in Spring Branch

With a little NASA-inspired ingenuity, TAXA Outdoors takes camping to a level that is “out of this world.” TAXA Outdoors founder and CEO Garrett Finney was a senior space architect for NASA prior to joining forces with TAXA Outdoors President Divya Brown to turn their passion for the outdoors into a successful business. TAXA manufactures [...]

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ALDI Spring Branch: It’s like an annual sale every week

If you haven’t been to the new Spring Branch ALDI store yet, you’ve been missing out on produce, packaged foods, meat, fish and more at great prices. You’re also missing out on “ALDI Finds.” “Their ALDI Finds are awesome. It’s like Black Friday every week,” shopper Laura Marie told us. A recent visit to the [...]

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New in Spring Branch: What “looks to be the next great Houston dining experience.”

Don’t blink or you might miss their building along Long Point Road. But once you experience the Spring Branch District’s new high-end, world-class tasting and cocktail ventures, you won’t forget where they are. Brandon Silva and Steven Salazar of Wooster's Garden, Heights Bier Garten, Pitch 25, and Holman Draft Hall chose two acres at 7202 [...]

2021-01-13T22:17:45-06:00January 13th, 2021|Business, Business Spotlight, My Spring Branch|0 Comments

Faith Center perseveres with aid to the needy

Prior to Hurricane Ike destroying its original building, the Faith Center was located at Long Point and Silber. Previously known as the Missions Training Center, it changed its name and location, however the commitment to help those in need remained the focus. Now located at 8244 Long Point, the Faith Center is a ministry from [...]

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A New England seafood restaurant rides the choppy economic waves

When the Regal cinema chain indefinitely closed its Edwards movie theaters in early October because of the pandemic, gone was one of the major reasons people went to the Marq*E Entertainment Center in Spring Branch. With the resulting decline in foot  traffic at the center, we checked in again with Maine-ly Sandwiches — a fresh [...]

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