Environmental and Urban Design

The Environmental and Urban Design Committee meets every 2nd Wednesday at the District offices [9600 Long Point, Suite 250] from 10:00 am-11:00 am.

The District is committed to making Spring Branch safer, cleaner, and greener and uses many committees to accomplish that goal. The Environmental and Urban Design committee is responsible for the maintenance of: District adopted esplanade plantings, District branded monuments, District branded street signs, District branded identification markers, and the Spring Branch Trail built along the Centerpoint easement.

Monarch Landscape Management (Monarch) and Landscape Management Company (LMC) currently provide landscaping and maintenance of esplanades adopted by the Spring Branch Management District. In addition to cutting esplanades and right of ways along several commercial roadways, Monarch and LMC also maintain irrigation systems in esplanades, helping to keep the Spring Branch area more attractive to current and potential businesses and the communities which surround them.

The District is also active in replacing damaged median tips across the district as well as redesigning and engineering tips to be more durable, keeping esplanades intact thereby increasing the life expectancy of the plants located within esplanades.

SMC Logistics provides for the Spring Branch Management District regular and routine removal of “Bandit Signs” (Those little homemade signs which adorn the intersections of so many other parts of the city) and general litter which clutters intersections and detracts from the aesthetic appearance of a well-maintained neighborhood.

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