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Crave colorful desserts? “Ask for the craziness!”

Hand-carved as you watch, a half dozen cylinders of cucumber transform into striped, green shot glasses. Into each, an attendant carefully decants hot sauce, a half-dozen salty Japanese-style peanuts, mouth-puckering chamoy syrup and segmented gummy worms. Partly fruit salad, partly bar snack and partly candy fix, the end result is, entirely, a thing of beauty. [...]

New coffee spot emphasizes imports and down-to-earth view

The pandemic changed the way a lot of local entrepreneurs run their businesses. “Pivot” became a buzzword. For Jerome Gordon, the pandemic changed the way he did life. You might even say it changed his life in “astonishing” ways. “I always had dreams of starting my own company, but the moment was never quite perfect,” [...]

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World Catering & Bakery provides layers of deliciousness

With its warm ambiance and rows of baked goods and desserts on view, World Catering & Bakery has more layers than just what’s in the cakes. The space hosts a day-time café, too, that offers a coffee bar and take-out and sit-down meals. It also creates catered cakes for weddings and other celebrations. Customers seeking [...]

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Common Bond brings delectable baked goods to growing Spring Branch entertainment center

In every city, village and town the “common bond” that everyone shares is the love of good food. From this idea, Common Bond Bistro & Bakery was opened in May 2014 in Houston’s Montrose area. Since then, the company has opened multiple locations across the city. Recently, they opened their third drive-through style bakery — [...]

North Post Oak gains new place to eat, drink, shop for essentials

Whether you have a hankering for Wagyu steak frites, a Pizza Margherita fresh out of the oven or a box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal, it’s “NP” (no problem). NoPo has you covered. NoPo — an acronym for North Post Oak — was termed by Berg Hospitality Group owner and founder, Benjamin Berg. The Houston-based [...]

Buzz & Bites is all the buzz with sisters in charge

A few weeks after Buzz & Bites opened in the Spring Branch Management District late last summer, I took my teen-age daughter to the Blalock Road cafe for coffee and breakfast. We hadn’t been out much due to the pandemic, and it was a much-needed escape from boring home-brewed coffee and tea, usually sipped while [...]

Hunting for good coffee and sausage rolls? Nothing ‘tricera -tops’ Cambrian Coffee

In the Spring Branch District, you could say, “We love coffee shops a whole latte.” And we did say it — on a billboard along I-10 a while back. No regrets about the “punny” advertisement, though: Two relatively new Spring Branch residents — and now brand-new business owners — apparently got the message. After moving [...]

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