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‘Ride On In’ for a Drink at Cobble & Spoke in Spring Branch

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by Dorothy Puch Lillig In the 19th and early 20th centuries, athletes sometimes drank beer to replenish water and minerals in the body. “Beer was the first sports drink,” says Kyle Steck, who today offers an array of beer choices to quench the thirst of both athletes and non-athletes alike at his new craft beer [...]

My SBMD: Van Wilde, Sword to Sword

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Tell me about Sword to Sword. We teach historical European martial arts, which is long sword fighting. Basically martial arts with weapons rather than Eastern martial arts or conventional modern martial arts. It is also different from fencing, which is a sport. The mission to grow the awareness of European martial arts is great, but [...]

My Spring Branch: Dr. Betsy Coe, Houston Montessori Center

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Dr. Betsy Coe is the executive director of the Houston Montessori Center, and the secondary principal at the School of the Woods. How long have you been working at the Houston Montessori Center? The Center is 43 years old. I’ve been there since the early ’80s, first as an instructor and then as the executive [...]

My Spring Branch: Jennifer Edwards, 4J Brewing Company

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Jennifer Edwards is co-owner of 4J Brewing Company, which opens in June. Why did you decide to open this brewpub in Spring Branch? I’ve lived in Spring Branch my whole life. My mom went to Spring Branch High School, so she’s been here even longer. I began brewing beer at home with my dad when [...]

My Spring Branch: Michele Bua, Bua’s Bistro and Catering

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Michele Bua is the owner of Bua’s Bistro and Catering, which is scheduled to open in June in Spring Branch. How did you get into the food service industry? About 25 years ago, my parents owned and ran an Italian bakery in the Museum District. I was always at my father’s side, and realized I [...]

My Spring Branch: Alex Diaz, Top Tech Experts

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Alex Diaz is the co-owner, with Chris Grollitsch, of Top Tech Experts, a computer sales and repair shop. When did you start the business? In 2008. We started as a home business, reselling old computers that we got from big corporations. Before I knew it, I had computers stacked up all over the living room. [...]

My Spring Branch: Mary White

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Mary White is the director of the East Spring Branch Food Pantry on the campus of Holy Cross Lutheran Church. When was the pantry founded? It was started in 1972 as a special program to serve families for Thanksgiving, and then it evolved into a pantry. Then two years ago we raised over $150,000 and [...]