Kids busy? Spring Branch offers activities for the perfect parent’s day out.

With its highly rated public and private schools, numerous summer and year-round enrichment programs, and youth sports opportunities, the Spring Branch area is a child’s and their parent’s dream when it comes to fun and worthwhile things to do to keep them busy.

But why should the kids have all the fun?

If mom and dad are looking for a place to go other than home or work when the kids are at one of their many activities, Spring Branch offers a number of places to work remotely, workout or not work at all, and simply enjoy those few moments of solitude (or social time) before picking up the kids.

Here are a few ideas for places to go:

Work it out

There are a number of locally owned businesses offering personalized fitness training and/or yoga and other classes in Spring Branch. 

Hotworx at 1473 Wirt Rd., features infrared saunas in which clients can perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and isometric workouts, while Warren-T Fitness, 8141 Long Point Rd., offers a myriad of training options, including one-on-one and group classes.

Also check out Max-imum Fitness and Health, 8330 Long Point Rd., which recently celebrated a decade of helping people get healthy, or Lifts Gym, 2305 Bingle Rd., where the business of working out is a family affair.

The Texas Rock Gym,1526 Campbell Rd., boasts a state-of-the-art facility that includes the main climbing area, where the walls reach up to 34 feet high, and also includes a yoga studio and spaces for tai-chi, kung fu, and Primal Fitness classes.

Speaking of yoga and meditation, Yoga Athletex, 10510 Westview Dr., and Soul Tribes Yoga + Meditation, 8151 Long Point Rd., are ready to work your body, breath, and mind.

Work out(side) the home

If you’ve got some work to do and doing it remotely is an option, there is no better place than Spring Branch, which offers a number of co-working spaces available for rental and also shops that will cost you just a cup of coffee to hang out.

Stop by area newbie Dutch Brothers at 7974 Long Point Rd. for coffee classics but also protein coffees, blended freezes, and more while you catch up on e-mails. Other coffee shops offering local brews and places to work include Cambrian CoffeePJ’s CoffeeSlowpokes, and Buzz n Bites.

Walk it off

The Spring Branch Trail currently stretches 2.4 miles between Blalock Road and Wirt Road, north of Hammerly Boulevard and south of Kempwood Drive. It’s perfect for hiking and biking — or just a stroll.

Learn more about how the trail will be expanding here.

If you’re looking to just sit and zone out a bit, take in the greenery at Schwartz Park, 8203 Vogue Lane, or enjoy the “High Plains Drifter” abstract sculpture by Peter Reginato at Agnes Moffitt Park, 10645 Hammerly Blvd.

Juice it up 

Healthy Start Nutrition at 2755 Gessner at Kempwood is the perfect place to pick up a nutritional shake, smoothie, juice, or snack for energy.

And for those who like to eat their fruit sweetened with chocolate sauce or whipped creme set on top of a yummy crepe (and who doesn’t?), Chillax at 1035 Blalock Rd. is the place for you.

Rubdown or a Meltdown — Your Choice

Head to one of the District’s many spas for a massage or facial, such as Yang Sheng Foot Spa, 1043 Blalock Rd., or Skinrosse Spa, 1200 Blalock Rd.

Sometimes, though, you just need to throw a bit of a fit.

Do it safely — and effectively — at our very own rage room, Tantrums at 1730 Elmview.

By the time you’re done smashing up some random furniture and knickknacks, you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on anything, even the kids.

— Dorothy Puch Lillig