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HPD Positive Interaction Program Meeting May 16th

May 16, 2017- (Tuesday) Our topic will be Officer Safety - “Shoot, Don’t Shoot!” Our Officer Safety unit will be out to show us how effective this important training tool has been over the years. From training the Cadets to informing the public, this tool shows us how quickly life or death decisions are routinely [...]

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HPD PIP Meeting April 18th: K-9 Units

April 18, 2017- Our topic will be HPD K-9- Our “special 4 footed “ Officer will be here to let you know about his very special role in assisting officers catch the “bad” guys! The Northwest Division Commander will be there to answer your crime questions and provide an update on issues in the Northwest [...]

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HPD PIP Meetings for September & October

Mark your calendars! All are invited- please forward this email to your neighbors, friends, and family! September 20, 2016- ID THEFT- DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR INFORMATION FROM IDENTITY THEFT? Should you use checks for payment or a single credit card? What are the risks of current credit cards? Learn the [...]

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Upcoming HPD PIP Meetings

  June 21, 2016-  County Attorney Vince Ryan- Mr. Ryan will present the topic “Introducing the County Attorney’s Office and How We Serve the People of Harris County”.   This informative meeting will present information on game rooms/spas and other habitual criminal activity areas to keeping Harris county citizens safe from environmental violators- check out the [...]

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