Newspring Scholarship Program

Newspring is proud to introduce five college scholarship recipients for the 2020-2021 academic year. Each student will receive $5000 to cover education and living expenses for a twelve-month period.
Our goal is not only to enable students to attend college but most importantly to graduate. We are focused on providing encouragement and opportunity for deserving students who will be the first in their family to attend college. We have been blessed with very generous donors who make our scholarships possible.

Edmi Salazar: University of New Mexico

Edmi is a 2020 graduate of Northbrook High School. As a sophomore, junior and senior, her artwork was selected and featured in the last three Student Art Auctions. Edmi started drawing and painting in 7th grade, progressing throughout school, and eventually taking graphic design at the Guthrie Center where she excelled. Her dream path is to major in film and digital art and minor in business. She hopes to work for a company like Disney and create characters and digital effects. “I hope to enrich my audience with thought and emotion-evoking imagery, encouraging their sense of imagination and inspiring them to follow their own path.”
Thank you so much this means so much to me and I’m so glad you chose me. I’m really thankful and I know this is going to help me so much in the university. Thank you so much. Edmi

Aileen Fuentes Martinez: University of North Texas

Aileen is a 2020 graduate of Northbrook High School. She is an accomplished artist, with six paintings sold through the Student Art Auction over the past three years. Painting is not her only talent, she is a talented saxophone musician and student leader, selected as one of two Drum Majors who led the marching and symphonic bands during her senior year. Aileen plans to major in Music Performance, practicing hard every day so that she can “give a passionate and extraordinary performance that leaves my audience in awe.”
Dear Donors and Family of the Newspring Organization, I want to express how thankful I am to be chosen to receive the Newspring Scholarship. This generosity has uplifted the financial worry I had preparing for college. Thank you for also allowing my mother’s biggest wish for her child to go to college come true. It is my dream to pursue music and hopefully harmonize it with art in my future. I am attending the University of North Texas to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance, as well as possibly minor in art or join any art organizations offered on my college campus to keep art in my college journey. Thank you for deeming me worthy of this Scholarship. I will always view this honor as proof that you believed in me and my goals. Sincerely, Aileen

Alicia Villalta Mendez:Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Alicia will be returning for her junior year, majoring in Pre-Social Work, Psychology and Sociology.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate Newspring’s continued support throughout my college journey. It really means a lot knowing that I have the encouragement and financial aid of everyone at Newspring, it has motivated me even in my darker times. Now that times are really uncertain, I look to my family and friends for guidance and advice. Everyone at Newspring has been my friend since day one, and I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for them! Again, thank you so much. Alicia

Daniela Cruz: Houston Community College

Daniela will be returning for her third year, majoring in Elementary Education with Interdisciplinary Studies – Bilingual (EC-6th grade)
I’m very appreciative for receiving the scholarship! I look forward to one day leading a classroom of young elementary students. I want to be the teacher that introduces them to endless possibilities for their futures, answers questions to satisfy their curiosity and translates the curriculum to them to stimulate their curiosity.
I value the sense of purpose that I’m grateful to pursue my academic studies and making my family happy with my choices as a young adult. I am grateful to Newspring for providing full experiences for me such as helping with teaching, volunteer opportunities, an interest in art, and calling them my family is the reason why I will be forever grateful to Newspring for being by my side since the start of my goals. Dani

Sandra Melgar: Bryn Mawr College

Sandra will be returning for her junior year, majoring in Geology with a minor in Spanish.
I am very fortunate for Newspring’s unconditional support throughout the years and especially in these difficult times. As I get ready to welcome a new school year, I am taking this time to reflect on the numerous adventures I have encountered after embarking into this new chapter of my life. I was very excited to start sophomore year but did not think this was going to be the hardest year of them all. Having to come home due to a pandemic and still be a student with way more responsibilities seemed almost impossible. Despite the bumpy end to sophomore year I can gladly say my grades turned out to be my best grades so far and I am very proud of having pulled through it all. I am now excited about my major classes and being able to focus my studies with motivation to finish. Thankfully I know that Newspring will continue to guide me in every way possible and I will forever be grateful. Sandra
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