Upcoming Projects

in District A

As we continue battling COVID-19, we must also continue to remember that parts of our community are still at risk for flooding and that we have important infrastructure needs. Here is a list highlighting some of the upcoming projects in our community:
Gardendale Off-Road Ditch Rehabilitation
(3898 Gardendale to Vollmer Rd)
Begins on August 24, 2020

Porto Rico At Windfern Roadside Ditch Rehabilitation

In Progress

Alabonson Storm Sewer Rehabilitation

Begins This Fiscal Year

Alcott and Peppermill Storm Sewer/Inlet Rehabilitation

Begins This Fiscal Year

Mayde Creek Storm Sewer Rehabilitation (Phase 1 – Sundrop Lane)

Begins This Fiscal Year

Street Asphalt Overlay Maintenance Project

Will Begin Sometime Between 8/6 and 8/13 (Weather Permitting)
Streets are in blue below

Street Asphalt Overlay Maintenance Project

Will Begin Sometime Between 8/27 and 9/3 (Weather Permitting)
Streets are in blue below

Neuens Road From Gessner to Blalock

           Commissioners Court awarded the Project to Reytec Construction Resources (Contractor) on July 28, 2020. In the coming weeks, Harris County will meet with the Contractor and Notice to Proceed (NTP) with construction efforts will be issued. A construction timeline, including the contract completion date, will be available once the Contractor has been given NTP.

Inwood Forest Stormwater Detention Project

In Progress

Sign Up for the Flood Warning System

Sign up now for Harris County Flood Control District’s (HCFCD) Flood Warning System to start receiving real-time rainfall amounts and water levels. The purpose of the Flood Warning System is to provide residents and emergency personnel with access to timely information collected by the gages.

Assistance for Apartment Renters

Information and resources: https://haaonline.org/renters

Hurricane Harvey Home Recovery Assistance

If you are still dealing with damage from Hurricane Harvey, here is an option to receive NO COST home repairs for families who qualify. One of the City of Houston’s longtime partner agencies, Rebuilding Together Houston, currently has limited funding to help a number of families get the critical repairs they need for their homes. Don’t wait! If you own your home, please email [email protected] or call and leave a message at 713-659-2511 to ask for qualifications for your application.

Plan for Your Electricity Needs During Hurricane Season

During hurricane season, there is a strong possibility that you might be left without electricity for at least a short amount of time. Please plan ahead now, especially if you have medicine or other necessary itmes that need to be refrigerated or that need an electricty source to use.
Visit https://www.houstonoem.org/request-preparedness-materials/ to learn more about planning for a hurricane.

Covid-19 Testing

Fill out your Census Today

Please remember to fill out your Census today! Visit: https://my2020census.gov/
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