Water Distribution – VERY LIMITED SUPPLIES

The City of Houston has a limited supply of bottled water to distribute.  VERY LIMITED.  There will only be one pallet of water per location, so supplies will be gone very quickly. In addition to drinking water, Commissioner Cagle’s office is bringing a Precinct 4 water truck to the Trini Mendenhall location for you to fill up with your own container.  The water is non-potable (not for drinking), but you can use it to flush toilets.  For the non-potable water, you must bring your own container.

Carverdale Community Center (at RL and Cora Johnson Park)
9920 Porto Rico Road
Houston, Texas 77041
2:30 PM

White Oak Conference Center
7603 Antoine Drive
Houston, Texas 77088
2:30 PM

Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Road
Houston, Texas 77055
2:30 PM

Drinking water distribution and non-potable (not for drinking) distribution.  For non-potable water, bring your own container.  10 gallon limit per family.

Special thanks to Mayor Turner, Commissioner Cagle, and Commissioner Ramsey!

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