One of the first programs initiated by the District designed to positively impact the quality of life in our community was the removal of unsightly graffiti from public, and private property. At no additional cost, the Spring Branch Management District provides removal of graffiti from businesses, public property and other private property. This service is provided through a contract with the East End Management District who offers a low cost graffiti removal program which not only removes the graffiti but often restores the property to its original condition. This program helps to reduce the likelihood of future graffiti but also removes the graffiti “scar.” (Those blotches of grey paint on the sides of buildings.)

We are grateful to our community partners and residents who actively assist us in reporting incidents. We encourage all residents and businesses to join in the effort to help us eradicate graffiti from the District by reporting to 311 or going on-line to and reporting incidences via the “Submit an Issue” button on the home page. We work closely with our graffiti abatement contractor, S.E.A.L. Security and HPD to identify and prosecute the individuals responsible for graffiti in our District.


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